Online Soccer Betting in Ontario

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will start on November 20 and will end with the final match on December 18. 32 teams will compete for the title of the best soccer national team in the world, including the Canadians, for whom it will be the first appearance at the World Cup in over 30 years.

Therefore, our experts have prepared for you several studies on this subject. Take a while to read it if  you’re interested in online soccer betting in Canada.

First of all, check out the top World Cup 2022 predictions from the best World Cup betting sites that legally operate in Ontario. You will learn what types of bets each bookmaker offers, what odds they give and how much commission they charge. You will see which teams have the best chance of qualifying from the groups or win the whole tournament or even learn how to watch World Cup games for free.

When it comes to Canadians, many experts wonder what our team’s chances are to qualify to the later games. In this regard, we have made a fairly detailed analysis along with the indication of the best odds offered by bookmakers:

Moreover, one of the most exciting betting options is top goalscorer of the tournament. Don’t miss to check out the World Cup Golden Boot Odds. Will Harry Kane win it again?

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Online soccer betting in Ontario, Canada, can be considered an excellent means of betting on sports. Learn how to bet on soccer. Use proven strategies and tips.

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Ontario is the largest Canadian province which means betting on soccer here can be a profitable event. Recent regulation has made it legal for private operators to launch their online soccer betting services in Canada. The igambling market in Ontario has launched on the 4th of April, which means players have more than enough betting sites to choose from.  

If you are thinking about delving into soccer betting in Canada, this guide can be of help. Here, we will cover everything you need to begin, including the legality of soccer online betting and how to bet on soccer in Ontario. We will also cover how you can find the best soccer betting sites and other essential information.

Online Soccer Betting in Canada

Soccer is a very popular sport around the world, including in Canada. There are various leagues ranging from the English Premier League to the World Cup and the Canadian Premier League. Each of these has varying lengths, giving bettors tons of betting options. 

Some of the most popular teams that players can bet on in Ontario include: 

  • Liverpool FC
  • Bayern Munich 
  • Chelsea
  • Manchester United, etc. 

If you are betting on the Canadian Premier League, top options include:

  • Pacific FF
  • Cavalry FC 
  • FC Edmonton
  • York United, etc. 

Yes, it is legal for players to bet on sports in Ontario since 4th of April 2022 as new legislation has allowed private sportsbooks to enter the sports betting market in this province. 

Once this happens, Ontario bettors will have more online sportsbooks to choose from. This is because top soccer betting sites like FanDuel, bet365, Caesars, and many more aim to bring their services to the Ontario market. 

Where to Bet Soccer Online in Ontario?

We have listed the options you can use for online soccer betting in Ontario in the table below. 

Bookie Name  Type of Bet  Terms and Conditions 
Proline+moneylines, spreads, totals, futures, parlay, prop bets, live bettingYou must be 19 and above and a resident of Ontario to play
Bet365 accumulators, spreads, moneylines,
over/under, prop bets
Minimum deposit C$10
DraftKings live betting, spreads,  moneylines, over/under,
prop bets, futures
Minimum deposit C$5

How to Bet on Soccer?

If you are wondering how to bet on soccer games, you have numerous options available. Some of these include:

Moneyline Bet 

This is also known as a straight-up bet or "to-win" bet. Here, you simply pick the team you believe will be the winning team. If the team you back or wager on wins, your bet wins. For instance, in a match between Edmonton and Forge, you bet on ForgeForge to win. If they win, you win the bet. If you want to get more information on moneyline bets, check our moneyline betting guide.

Double Chance Bet 

A soccer match has only three possible outcomes: a win for the first team, a win for the second team, or a draw. With this bet, you are wagering that two of these outcomes will occur. If one of them happens, you win the bet. In most cases, you will have three options to choose from. For instance: 

  • The first team wins or draws
  • The second team wins or draw
  • The first or second-team wins

These bets come with lower payouts because they are easier than other bets. 

Draw No Bet

Here, you are betting on a specific team to win, and if it does, you win the bet. However, in the event of a draw, you get your wager refunded to you as the bet is considered a push. This is different from other bets that will consider this a loss. 

Half Time Wagers 

These bets cover only the first or second half of a soccer match. In this case, you are betting on what will happen during the first or second 45 mins of the game - for example, betting that Edmonton will be in the lead after the first half in a match with ForgeForge. 

Totals Score 

This is another name for over/under bets. In this case, you are betting on the number of goals both teams will score in a match combined. The sportsbook usually provides a line, and you bet if the goals scored on that line will be less or more. 

Other bets follow the same concept as the total score since you are betting on the number. They include: 

  • Total Yellow Cards 
  • Total Corners 

Exact Score Bets 

These bets are common but more complex than others. Here, you are betting on the exact score of a match. For instance, in a match between Edmonton and Forge, you predict that the final score will be Edmonton 2 and Forge 1. As you can see, this is quite complex, but the payouts are significant. 

Futures Bets 

This is a wager on something that will not be evident in a single game - for instance, betting on the team to win the league. These bets are made when the tournament or season starts and tend to offer decent payouts. 

How to Place A Soccer Bet in Ontario?

Placing a soccer bet in Ontario is something that you can get around with ease following the steps below: 

  1. Choose your sportsbook

    Firstly, you will want to find the right sportsbook. This is because the sportsbook you choose can determine your overall experience during soccer betting online. Make sure it is licensed and offers the betting options you like.

  2. Register on the sportsbook

    You will need to register to play after making your choice. This will require you to input your details and should not take longer than 5 mins. After verification, your account will be ready.

  3. Deposit some money

    Depositing cash is essential to playing on any sportsbook. This is because you will need this cash to place a bet. Find your way to the cashier and choose the option that suits you. Deposits are typically instant, so you can start betting immediately.

  4. Choose your match and bet type

    Check out the available soccer matches and pick your preferred option. Then, pick your bet type. Ideally, you should find options like moneylines, over/under, futures, etc.

  5. Place your bet

    Finally, it is time to make your wager. If you back a winning team, your bet wins. Remember to have fun as you play!

How To Predict The Game Outcome?

There are numerous ways to predict the outcome of a soccer game.

The first option is via extensive research, which will require you to understand the team you are backing thoroughly. You will need to study their past games and even look into the players. With the information you can amass, you can make more calculated bets and improve your winning chances. This may not be completely accurate since you are trying to predict the outcome of a game.

The next option you have is to follow tipsters. These are specialists who offer soccer betting online predictions and tips. They make predictions from calculating various factors to understand a team's chances of winning. By following tipsters, you can get great tips and improve your chances. The tipsters who create tips are usually experts who have a passion for soccer or a specific team. They also tend to be passionate about sports betting and share their knowledge online. 

These tips are sometimes a lot considering many people love soccer. But the worse part is that not all of them will be useful. Fortunately, we can help with that as we will soon be able to track betting tips online and various soccer betting predictions in Canada so we can pick the best options for you.

We will cover tips for numerous sports, including soccer, thus saving you the stress of doing extensive research yourself. This service is free, and all you need to do is follow our website. Soon, you will be able to win big!

Soccer Betting Canada Props 

Soccer Betting Canada prop bets are wagers on an event that is proposed to take place. Here, you decide if it will happen or not. There are various types of soccer prop bets, including: 

Team Prop Bets 

These types of prop bets cover the team as a whole. Here, you are betting on what will happen to a team in a season or match. Some examples of team prop bets include: 

  • If Calvary FC will get to the finals?
  • Will Valour FC score the first goal?
  • Will FC Edmonton win the match?

The possibilities with these types of bets are endless as they can come in various forms so long as it involves the team. 

Player Prop Bets 

These are prop bets that cover individual players in a team. It usually covers if a player will do something or a player that will be the first to perform a specific action. For instance:

  • Will Yeferson Soteldo score a goal for Toronto FC?
  • How many goals will Quentin Westberg save?
  • Will Yeferson Soteldo score a hat trick?

Coach Prop Bets 

These bets have been growing in popularity in recent times. Here, you are betting on the probability of something happening to a coach. Will a specific coach be sacked or hired next season? Who will be the coach for Chelsea next year? These are common prop bets for soccer matches, and if you have a keen eye for analysis, you can make a lot of cash. 

Soccer Live Betting

After a soccer match starts, soccer betting online sportsbooks provide live markets. With these, you can wager on games at any time during the match, with the soccer betting odds changing as it happens. It is also referred to as in-play betting and has become the go-to method of betting for many bettors today. This is because of the sheer excitement it offers and a chance to make wagers after evaluating the progress of a game. 


  • It gives you better chances to boost your soccer betting odds
  • Offers more excitement 
  • You can change your bets to winning ones during the game 
  • You can get more information to work with after the game begins 


  • It can become hard to manage your bankroll
  • Losing money is easy due to temptation 
  • It requires extensive knowledge of the game 

Soccer Betting Futures

Futures bets are also known as outright wagers. As we mentioned earlier, these are bets you place on the outcome of a soccer season. This could be a soccer league, competition, or cup. However, futures bets could also be made on the outcome of a specific match instead of a competition. There are different types of soccer future bets you can leverage, including: 

  • Final MVP winner: Here, you are betting on who will be the most valuable player of the entire league. If your prediction is right, you win. 
  • Team to win league: Betting or predicting who will win the league/competition is another type of futures bet. 
  • Player of the match: This is a bet you place on who will be the best performing player of a specific match. 

Other examples of futures bets include: 

  • Team to win a specific number of games 
  • Player or team to score a specific number of goals 
  • Team or player to make the most corners in the league, etc.  

Soccer Betting Online Strategies

Having the right betting strategy can improve your chances of winning in soccer betting online. If you go in without a strategy, you can quickly lose all the cash you worked so hard for. The following are some of the strategies you can use to boost your experience: 

  1. Properly evaluate the team

    Before backing any team, ensure you properly evaluate its strengths and weaknesses. This will leave you better equipped to make bets that can get you the best outcome.

  2. Wager on the favourites

    Wagering on the top favourites is one of the most popular betting strategies.

    This strategy, although simple, can greatly boost your winning percentage. Favourites are more certain to win in most cases, but the only downside is that they have low odds.

    This means you need to be smart about it and not bet consistently on favourites, as it will be hard to make a profit in the long run.

  3. Make smaller bets

    Soccer betting in Canada is highly dependent on your bankroll. This is why it is compulsory to begin with small bets first and increase your bets gradually.

    If you bet with all your bankroll in the first game and lose, it will limit your playtime. Instead, make smaller bets and gradually increase your bet range as you start to understand the game.

  4. Don’t focus on only season matches

    Many bettors only begin to pay attention to soccer when the season is about to start. This is not a good strategy as the close-season is a great time to learn, prepare and analyze. You will get some good insights regarding your favourite teams and get some betting opportunities not available in the season.

Top Tips For Soccer Betting In Canada

You will want to keep the following in mind when wagering on sports in Ontario to boost your winning chances. 

  • Go with the right sportsbook
choose right sportsbook soccer canada

Make sure you choose only reliable sportsbooks like those we recommend. This is because signing up on the wrong one can make your betting experience unbearable. In worse cases, you may not get payouts at the right time or even good odds. 

  • Compare the odds
compare the odds sportsbook soccer betting

Odds are available on every sportsbook, and they can determine how much you win. Before choosing a sportsbook, make sure you compare various options to find the best soccer betting odds in Canada. With favourable odds, you will be able to rack up winnings faster. 

  • Understand the game
understand the game soccer canada

Before you bet on soccer or any other sport, it is important to understand how it works. This will help you make more informed decisions and win more cash. Learn everything about soccer, the rules, teams, and so on before you make a bet. 

  • Have a plan
soccer online betting strategy canada

Don’t dive into betting without having a plan or strategy. This will help you stay focused and can make a major difference in your earnings. 

The Common Mistakes While Betting on Soccer

Tons of players who delved into soccer betting in Canada have made mistakes that cost them their bankroll. To ensure this does not happen to you, it is important to note these mistakes so you can avoid them. Here are a few of the common mistakes people tend to make.

  1. Not doing enough research before delving into soccer betting in Canada.

  2. Failing to compare soccer betting odds in sportsbooks before settling for an option.

  3. Blindly following the crowd when making wagers.

  4. Not having a strategy or focus when making bets.

  5. Making bets when not in the right frame of mind.

  6. Chasing losses by trying to win back money lost instantly. This hardly works and only causes you to lose more money.


Online soccer betting in Ontario, Canada, may be fun and very profitable, especially with a proper guide like the one we have provided. Simply read, understand and implement the strategies we have provided you. If you do it the right way, you can boost your winning chances remarkably. 


This bet covers two of the likely three outcomes in soccer using a single bet. It merges the win/draw for both teams or removes the draw option completely. However, the odds tend to be lower than normal because it is easier to win.

This strategy has to do with you betting on the final outcome of a soccer match being a draw. That is, both teams have the same points.

There are different odds in soccer, with the decimal odds format being the most common in Canada. For instance, if the odds of Toronto FC beating FC Edmonton is 2.5, on a wager of $10, the payout will be $25 (2.5 x 10)

Handicap in soccer betting is when the underdog is given an advantage so that the soccer betting odds are even between both teams. This is used when a team is much stronger than another.

1×2 in soccer betting is when you bet on the result of a fixture. You have to bet if the game ends in a draw, win or loss for the home/away team.

To start soccer betting on line, find a sportsbook, register, and make a deposit. Then, pick your favourite teams and make your wager. You can follow our guide above for more detailed information.

There is no certain way to ensure you win when betting on soccer. However, you can do things to improve your chances, like doing extensive research, comparing sportsbooks odds, and having a strategy.

We can’t deem any site the best for soccer betting on line since they all offer various benefits. However, you can check our list of recommended options for the best one for you.

Betting lines are numbers the sportsbooks set to determine the odds of a specific game. Most betting lines are grouped on the 90-minutes of the match, which are then used to place various bets.