NBA Betting Online In Canada

Learn how NBA betting online in Canada works. In this guide you will find the best strategies, examples, and ways to avoid the most common mistakes when betting on basketball.

nba betting online canada
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On this page, we’ll discuss NBA betting in Canada, how to bet money on NBA games, how to bet on NBA finals, the right betting strategies to apply, and all there is to know regarding basketball betting in general.

Yes, NBA betting online is completely legal in Canada. Privately owned online sportsbooks are allowed to operate in Ontario, Canada since April 4. Currently, Ontario bettors are no longer limited to Canadian-owned sportsbooks like Proline+, which offers NBA betting picks and NBA betting odds on popular events.

Where to Bet On Basketball Online in Canada?

When it comes to NBA betting in Canada, there are lots of options available to Canadian bettors. All the bookies listed below are fully licensed since April 4th.

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How To Bet On NBA Games Online?

When placing NBA bets, you will come across a variety of betting markets that offer different potential as well as varying levels of difficulty. It is important to understand these betting markets to determine your chances of winning.


This is the most basic NBA betting online market available.

NBA moneylines are a straight-up bet on which team will win the game. Being the simplest bet means it is easy to predict, however, the returns tend to be on the low side if you predict the favourite to win. Betting on the underdogs does offer a higher return, however, you're more likely to lose your stake on that bet.

Point Spread

A point spread basketball bet is a wager that doesn’t only predict which team will win, but also how much they will win and the score difference between the two teams. You can bet either for or against the spread.

For example, if Team A is a 6.5 point favourite, they will need to win with a 7 or more point difference to cover the spread. If they win by only 6 or less points, then the Underdog will cover the spread (to win the bet). You will find that most point spreads have odds around -110 on either bet. The odds tell you exactly how much you can bet and win in the game. 


Also known as over/under bets, totals refer to the number of points that will be scored in an NBA game.

For example, if an NBA game features a total of 209.5, you can choose to bet over or under the total. Betting over means that 210 or more points will be scored in the game while betting under means less than 210 points will be scored in the game.

How to Place an NBA Bet in Canada?

  1. Join an online betting site

    Choosing the right NBA sportsbook will bring the best benefits in terms of betting markets and competitive NBA betting odds. You can check our pages for the best online betting sites to get started.

  2. Make a deposit

    Once fully registered, you will have to fund your account to bet on NBA games. There are several deposit options to choose from including the likes of Interac and debit/credit cards. Choose your preferred method and go ahead to fund your account.

  3. Place your NBA bets

    With your account fully funded, you can go straight to the basketball section of the sportsbook to make your bet. You will find tons of betting markets in the pre-game and live betting sections.

How To Predict The Basketball Game Outcome?

Betting on NBA games is no different from other sports, but with a little bit of help, you can score more wins than losses. Keep in mind that there is no one right way to predict NBA games, and you can even get lucky if you do a little bit of homework. 

Right here, you will find some tips on how to predict NBA games using moneyline and point spread betting markets:

Predicting NBA Moneyline Bets

Being the easiest NBA bet, it is the most popular among gamblers. Moneyline bets are bets on which team will win the game. Each moneyline bet features a favourite (most likely to win the game), and an underdog (most likely to lose). 

When betting on the moneyline result of a team, start by studying both teams. Check for team performance, home-court advantage, time of possession, turnovers, and points given up per game. This should give you a good view of how well the team is likely to perform in its current form. 

NBA games tend to feature star players so checking the individual player stats is a great way to know the strengths and weaknesses of the team. If a top player is injured or resting, you should take this into account. 

Predicting NBA Spread Bets

The spread bet is all about the points scored in the game so things get a bit more complicated. When placing such a bet, the current form of the team plays a more significant role in determining your bet. If you're going to be over the spread, the favourite team must have put up a stellar performance. In addition, watch out if they have been playing more times than regular within the week. This usually puts a strain on players leading to poor performance even when facing an inferior team. They might win the game, but won't cover the spread (get enough points). 

Another thing to check is the relevance of the game. Near the end of the season, most teams won't put as much effort into games due to playoff situations. This can heavily impact the spread betting lines. If both teams are playing their best lineups, then you know the game is very important and should include a lot of points.

NBA Betting Props

NBA bets feature two kinds of props - game and player props. Props bet determine dealings within the game rather than the outcome of the game itself. Players' props are based on player performance in the game. 

nba betting props

You will find bets like over/under on popular game states such as the number of points scored by a player, assists, rebounds, and three-pointers made. Game props bet on specific aspects of the game like which team will win the first two quarters or the first half. You might also find another type of props known as team props.

The bets on team props are mostly focused on team performance like the total number of points a team will have by the end of a quarter, a half, or at the end of the game. 

Player props are a favourite among bettors because they tend to be easier to predict. Choosing whether LeBron James or Stephen Curry will pull off a stellar performance is usually easier than deciding how far the entire team will go. 

NBA Live Betting

NBA live betting allows you to enjoy some betting action while the game is in play. Live betting online gives you access to all the major betting markets including moneyline, game totals, and point spreads. When betting live, you might want to keep an eye out for the odds. They constantly change throughout the game to match every action on the floor. 

The thrill of betting live is best enjoyed when you use the right sportsbook. While the live NBA betting features are mostly the same for each bookie, the big differences come in the user-friendly interface which allows you to easily navigate through the dashboards. As a player, you don't want to spend time getting accustomed to the dashboard when you're supposed to be placing your bets. 

For example, PointsBet offers a rather fluid live betting section. You will find live NBA games as well as odds on betting markets like spreads, totals, and moneyline. The odds are constantly updated to reflect the action in the game. If you want more markets, you will find an option to check "More Wagers" just beside the displayed betting options.

FanDuel offers a similar user interface with odds for spreads, moneylines, and totals continuously readjusted. You can always check on more markets by clicking on the game you want to bet on.

BookmakerNBA Live Betting Markets 
PointsBetSpreads, Head to Head, Moneylines, Over/Under Totals
FanDuelSpreads, Moneylines, Over/Under Totals

NBA Futures 

NBA futures are bets that are settled at the end of the season. Futures bets require great foresight but can turn out to offer huge gains if predicted correctly.

Futures include picking the winners of the Eastern and Western Conference, and the winner of the NBA Championship. The most popular future bets are actually based on players. These futures include betting on players who will get the MVP and Rookie of the Year awards.

NBA Betting Online Strategies

Just like betting on any other sport, having a good strategy is the right recipe for success. Below are a couple of actionable strategies that should get you winning with NBA betting.

  • Take note of the TWO best times to place an NBA bet

There are only two most opportunistic times to place an NBA wager and if you miss them, you might have to settle for less.

The first is when the NBA betting lines open which is when there is less betting action and it has not been influenced by the market and professional bettors.

The second best time is moments after an injury is announced. Bookies usually change the line after an injury/rest, so you have just a few minutes to place your bets before the odds become less favourable.

  • Player prop bets are a good place to start

Props bets are not the most popular betting market and as such, bookies tend to spend less time on them. This makes it easier to pick off wagers that are likely to hit, especially if you know the game very well.

If you were a basketball fan before you decide to bet on your favourite teams, players’ prop bets should come easy. If not, you might want to study individual players that usually come up in prop betting markets before making your bet

  • Pay Attention to the Team’s Schedule

According to stats, teams playing 3-4 games per week will struggle to maintain consistency, especially during the second half of a game. You can tell which team is likely to lose the game by checking out the team schedule. 

Things To Remember While Betting On NBA

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the most popular basketball league in the world and one of the four leading sports in North America. Since the Toronto Raptors claimed the championships title in 2019, NBA betting online in Canada has become very common among Canadian fans.

nba conferences infographic

A typical NBA season features thirty teams, 29 of those are American, and the Toronto Raptors represent Canada being the final team.

The league is split into two sides, The East and West Conferences with 15 teams on each side. Teams have to compete to top their respective conference. The winner of each conference will get to battle for the championship in the NBA Grand Final, held in April. This is the most-watched basketball event in the world.

Betting on NBA games can be fun, but before you start hoping on luck to score you those big wins, you might want to consider the following tips. 

  • Make a bankroll management plan

Most recreational bettors would think that creating a bankroll for their betting action is absurd. However, keeping tabs on your betting bankroll would save you from chasing losses which is common among players with huge bets and high expectations. A good plan is to keep your budget in check while you enjoy the game. Remember to gamble responsibly.

  • Home-court advantage won't always end well

Home-court advantage means that the team playing on their home court is more likely to win. In most cases, they are the favourites and will get further lines, however, the wins are usually on the low sides. The underdogs or road teams get more value, higher odds, but are less likely to win.

A great way to tell which team is most likely to come out successful is by checking their schedule. If the home team has had a busy schedule throughout the week while the road team seems well-rested, you can bank on the road team to win.

  • Watch out for line movements

Betting odds in the NBA never stay the same. Injury news, public betting action, among other factors determine line movement which could see bookies switch odds and change the favourite and underdog teams.

Watch out for line movements, especially sharp reverse line movements. This is usually when a team like the Boston Celtics given the underdog role in a bet moves from +220 to - 110. Also, watch out for late moves at the last 30 minutes before the game kicks off.

  • Pay attention to player injury and resting

A key player resting off the court can completely change a team's form for a specific game. Watch out for player injuries and replacements as it could help in predicting how the game will play out.

Common Mistakes While Betting On Basketball and How to Avoid Them

nba online betting mistakes
  1. Betting Without Doing Your Homework

    When it comes to NBA betting, some odds clearly favour a team, especially if you find yourself making moneyline bets. However, NBA betting odds & lines can be deceiving and you stand to lose a great deal if you do not check both teams’ stats, form, and other factors.

  2. Relying on NBA Picks

    NBA betting picks are predictions on NBA games offered by pros, experts, and sometimes scammers. They are not entirely bad, but if you’re new to the game, you might want to rely on your guts when placing your bets. With some experience, you can narrow down the best NBA betting picks and boost your winning chances.

  3. Betting Like a Fan

    Basketball fans often show favouritism towards a certain team even though it is obvious that the team is inferior in a game. If you want to be successful with your basketball bets, then you must by all means avoid betting like a fan.

    Another problem with sports fans is that they believe they have some sort of experience having watched the game for years. This might lead to overconfidence which could result in huge losses.

    Studying the game from the sidelines without choosing a favourite for you is the best way to place bets that will come out successful.

  4. Placing Bets at the Wrong Time

    Betting odds never stay the same, so you won’t always get the same winning potential for placing the same kind of bet just 10 minutes before the game.

    As said earlier, there is a right time to place NBA bets. You might want to study this for yourself, however, waiting until each team has published injury reports and notified the public about which players will rest and which will start is a great way to hit it big in NBA betting.

  5. Betting on Players Rather than the Team

    If you’re placing a player prop bet, then betting on a specific player is great. Anything else, and you’re in for a loss. There is no guarantee that just LeBron James will bring the trophy or win the game, so you should keep an eye for all the players that make the team. The team’s defence, offence, current form, and several other factors determine the game, not just a single player.

  6. Chasing Losses

    If you’re new to the world of NBA betting, losses tend to be common.

    However, this is not a problem. Even professional bettors have a fair share of losses. The problem stems from chasing those losses and trying to convert them to wins.

    When you try to make up for your lost bets, you’re more likely to miscalculate the game, place bets in haste, and end up with more losses that will blow up your bankroll.

    This is definitely something to avoid.


NBA Betting in Canada will only get easier as private bookies took on the commercial market and spoiled gamblers with variety. From wide palette of markets to the most competitive odds, there is a lot to choose from since these bookies have finally arrived. Make sure to visit our website for reliable NBA predictions 2023.


NBA betting is completely legal in Canada. The Ontario iGaming market has officially been launched on April 4, 2022 which allowed bookies with approved licenses to offer sports betting services.

There is no exact best way to bet on basketball and come out with a win every time. However, if you study the game, watch out for team schedules, bet with your head, and build your experience, you should get luckier with each bet.

With the right tips and strategies, you will find that betting on NBA games is easier than you think. You might want to get started with moneyline bets which are easier to predict.

Canadian bettors can bet on the NBA on many sportsbooks (some of them have been listed in this article). As the commercial market launched on April 4, bettors can expect even more variety, competitive odds, and extensive betting markets.

To bet on basketball and win, you will have to learn the game. Factors like home and road advantage, current form, the relevance of the game, team stats, and more determine how the game plays out. If you know these factors, you should be able to easily predict the outcome of every game and likely win your bet.

A point spread bet is a score differential determined by oddsmakers. Players can choose to bet either for or against the spread.

For example, if Team A is a 6.6 point favourite and you choose to bet for the spread, this means that Team A has to win by 7 or more points to win the bet. If the game ends with Team A winning by a difference of 7 points, then it can be said that you have covered the spread and won the bet.

In NBA, if the score is equal at the end of a regular match, the team must play diverse five-minute overtime periods until a winner is decided.

This means both teams will have to play continuously using the same rules and regulations until a winner is decided which will bring the game to an end.

NBA draft betting is a type of wager that predicts when a player will be drafted to join the league.