Canada vs Morocco Odds


Canada is going to win the World Cup match against Morocco.

In my opinion, I think this is because Canada is a new face in the World Cup competition, and they would want to make something out of their return to the competition in 36 years.

Also, the team shows some class in their qualifier matches, marking them ready for the competition.  They are very organized and know what they are doing on the field.

Morocco has not had much success in the past at the international level, and I believe that this will continue to be the case.

On the flip side, the game could result in a draw because some resistance is expected from the Morocco team. Overall, I think the Canadian team has a better chance of winning.

The Canada vs Morocco odds from the other top World Cup betting sites in Ontario will be updated as soon as it is available on their websites.

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Morocco vs. Canada Odds

4.503.501.83Bet On BetMGM
4.503.501.83Bet On Bet365

Canada vs. Morocco 2022 World Cup match will take place on December 01, 2022 at the Al Thumama Stadium. This is the last group match for both sides and can be a major clash that will decide who qualifies for the next stage in Group F. 

Betting on Canada vs. Morocco game is one of the popular types of bets that punters can make in Ontario. Both countries are well-known for their football teams and some of the best players in the world.

It is tricky to place this kind of bet because the two teams are evenly matched. However, Morocco has the lesser odds, which indicates the team is the favorite.

Morocco vs. Canada Other Betting Options

In Ontario soccer betting, there are lots of different types of online bets. You can bet on the total number of goals scored during a match or based on the winner of a match.

There are also different types of bets on the final score. These are commonly known as 1x2 or draw wagers, but you may also find other types such as first goal, both teams to score, half time, total goals - first half, next goal, draw no bet, no of corners, or even handicap bets in an online bookmaker.

Other bet odds from BetMGM includes:

Double Chance

You can place your bet on Canada win or draw or Morocco win or draw which means you will get paid as long as the team you bet on did not lose.

The odds are small, but the probability of winning is slightly higher compared to straight win tickets:

Both Team to Score (Regular Time)

Considering the most attractive Canada vs Morocco odds, you can also place your bet on both teams to score, yes or no. This means you win regardless of the match winner as long as you predict correctly.


Draw or No Bet

Draw or No bet means your favorite team is going to win, and if there is a draw, you could get your wager back with gaining or losing.


Regular Time (Over/Under Total Goals)

This selection deals with the number of goals which means you predict the number of goals in a match and stake on the odds

Regular TimeOverUnder

Canada vs. Morocco Preview

Canada vs Morocco odds seem interesting because Canada's qualification to the 2022 World Cup was a surprise while this is the first time in 36 years. They were ranked first in the CONCACAF region, with Mexico with the same number of points.

Canada has never played a World Cup match against Morocco, so the last time they met in a friendly match was in 2016. They lost 4-0 to the Moroccans.

However, they have the most wins in their qualifying group with 28 points.

Canadian National Soccer Team

John Herdman transformed the Canada Men's team to their current impressive form with his tactics and coaching skills.

There is a lot to expect from a man who brought the Canadians to the World Cup after 36 years.

Canadian Alphonso Davies is one of the best left-wingers in Europe and is very instrumental in their qualification process.

The young Canadian is a regular starter for German champions Bayern Munich, who won the league title in the previous season.

You can count on him to always deliver, and he will surely make an impact on the pitch during the match. His speed, dribble, passing and defensive skills made him one of the stars to watch during the clash that would happen on Thursday, December 1, 2022.

Other Canadian players such as Lille Jonathan David and Beşiktaş Cyle Larin will include the quality of the team.

Moroccan National Soccer Team

Walid Regragui, was recently appointed to be the men's national coach in August. He is a Moroccan international who leads the Moroccan first-division club Wydad Casablanca to win both the CAF Champions League and the national league titles.

Moroccan Achraf Hakimi plays Paris Saint-Germain as a right-back and is one of the most proficient starters. His impact on this year's Africa Cup OF Nations can’t be overestimated.

The quality he added to the Morrocan team is not any lesser than Alphonso Davies.

Apart from the Paris star, Morocco also has Hakim Ziyech of Chelsea, and the Goalkeeper of Sevilla, Yassine Bounou. The team has other stars, including Y. En-Nesyri, N. Mazraoui, etc.

Overall, there is so much to expect from this team, and it will be a very interesting match at Al Thumama Stadium.

Canada Qualifying Matches

Here's how the Canadian team performed in the FIFA World Cup 2022 qualifiers:

Match DayFT Score
02/09/21  Canada 1, Honduras 1
05/09/21USA 1, Canada 1
08/09/21Canada 3, El Salvador 0
07/10/21Mexico 1, Canada 1
10/10/21Jamaica 0, Canada 0
13/10/21Canada 4, Panama 1
12/11/21Canada 1, Costa Rica 0
27/01/22Honduras 0, Canada 2
30/01/22Canada 2, USA 0
02/02/22El Salvador 0, Canada 2
24/03/22Costa Rica 1, Canada 0
27/03/22Canada 4, Jamaica 0
30/03/22Panama 1, Canada 0

Morocco Qualifying Matches

Below is a list of the results of the Moroccan team in the qualifying round for the FIFA World Cup 2022:

Match DateFT Score
25/03/22DR Congo 1, Morocco 1
29/03/22Morocco 4, DR Congo 1
16/11/21Morocco 3, Guinea 0
12/11/21Sudan 3, Morocco 0
12/10/21Guinea 1, Morocco 4
9/10/21Guinea Bissau 0, Morocco 3
6/10/21Morocco 5, Guinea Bissau 0
2/9/21Morocco 2, Sudan 0

Canada vs. Morocco Prediction

Morocco will be able to put up a good resilience for this game, but Canadians also have some skills.

They’ve only been playing together for a few years, but they are already showing that they can compete with the best in the world. They could pull off an upset against the tough Morocco squad if they take this game seriously.

Canada has a lot more experience and skill than Morocco, and it shows up in their play: however, they struggle to finish plays and make good passes through traffic. This is especially evident when they have to pass through multiple players on defense (which happens frequently), as they often lose track of one player and then another.

Nonetheless, they will be able to put up a good fight against the Morroco team and I tip them for the win.

Morocco’s biggest strength is their ability to make sure nothing passes through the defense—they have good ball movement and are very good at moving the ball downfield quickly by making quick passes or even long passes over defensive backs’ heads.

They also use this ability to get open on offense, which allows them to score goals easily if given good opportunities.

Consider the above when analyzing Canada vs Morocco odds.

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World Cup 2022 Group F Odds

The World Cup Group F at the world cup comprises Morocco, Belgium and Croatia, who are runner up in the 2018 edition. Also, Belgium is one of the top teams in international soccer with great track records. They are currently ranked number 2 in FIFA rankings and have a good record during the qualifiers.

According to Bet365 sportsbook, the odds to lead Group F are as follows:

TeamOddsBet Now
Croatia1.91Bet On Bet365
Morocco3.00Bet On Bet365
Belgium3.75Bet On Bet365

Who Could Win World Cup Group F? 

At the time of the update, Belgium tales the third place in this group.

They have scored more goals than any other team in the qualifying stages, and they have a better record against each of their opponents than any other team in the group.

Their previous run at the World Cup was impressive, and they are one of the potential winners.

Will Canada Qualify To The Knockout Stage?

Canada is a strong team and has a very good chance of advancing to the knockout stage of the championship and first place in the group. The team has some of the best players in the world, and with them on the field, there is no doubt that they will be able to go far in this tournament.

However, Canada's opponents have also been very strong. They are playing Belgium, Croatia, and Morocco with experienced players who know how to play soccer. So it is hard to predict what will happen when they meet these teams. But I think Canada will win at least one game in this group stage, but their chances of qualifying are low. They are given 12.00 by Bet365 to win the group.

How To Bet On Canada vs Morocco?

how to bet canada vs morocco

Once choosing Canada vs Morocco odds at the World Cup placing a bet is a simple process. You can bet on this game in registered Ontario using a number of different platforms, including Bet365.

The only requirement is that you must be 19 years old or older. In order to bet successfully, make sure you follow the listed steps:

  1. Step 1

    Look for a registered Ontario Bookmaker and sign in with the required details.

  2. Step 2

    Search for Canada vs. Morocco under the World Cup session.

  3. Step 3

    Select your favorite market and make a deposit.

  4. Step 4

    Cross-check your slip to ensure you are done. After this, your betting slip will be activated and you wait for the result.

For more information on how to bet on football matches with legal bookmakers in Ontario, see the Reviews section.

Also check out our expert study on online soccer betting in Ontario.

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Canada vs Morocco Betting Strategy

As you can see, we have made it quite easy for you to determine whether or not it is worth betting on the Morocco national team.

If you agree with the Canada vs Morocco odds offered at a given online book, then that is your best bet to bet with the team who has the lesser odds. You can also apply for arbitration by playing with different sportsbooks that offer different odds and betting markets (learn how). 

Our only advice is never to make a hasty decision as it could be costly in the long run.

While other World Cup betting tips may seem like good options at the time, there is always room for error. So if you want to be successful at betting on Morocco vs. Canada, make sure you read both team information before proceeding with your bet.

Players' injuries and lineups can cause things to change for both teams. Lastly, stick to your budget and stay disciplined when playing bets.

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It's clear that Morocco seems to have an advantage over Canada in most categories, but this doesn't necessarily mean that they will win. If you're going to bet on one of the two teams, it would be best to bet on Morocco.

The African team is the favorite against Canada, and there's a reason for this (they're actually good). This doesn't guarantee that they'll win, mind you.

But judging by the Canada vs Morocco odds and statistics, at least, there's a clear edge swung in Morocco's favor. You can also twist your best options to give you the best result.

You want more?

Be sure to check out the top expert World Cup 2022 predictions for Ontario bettors.

An interesting option may also be to analyze the available odds for the best goalscorer of the 2022 World Cup as well as learn where to watch Canada vs Morocco live.


To bet on the Canada vs Morocco game, visit a registered site that provides odds of every World Cup game and has an option to place bets on them. You will be able to play your desired bet when you do this.

It seems like a long shot, but Canada did make it out of the qualifying group and into the tournament’s main draw.

They face off against Belgium on November 25 as they kick start their campaign. It is not likely for the Canadian team, but it is too early to predict.

Canada will need to finish in first place in their group or get one of the top two spots in their group if they want to qualify for the knockout round.

If this happens, they will advance directly into the knockout stage.

The game is scheduled for the first December 2022 at Al Thumama Stadium. This will be their last group stage match, determining if they will qualify for the next round.

Morocco is pretty good at soccer, and they’ve been able to beat some of the best teams around.

They had a decent run in the African Cup of Nations this year and have also recently won several other tournaments.

Canada has been given lesser odds against Morocco, with odds of 3.20 to 2.30, according to BetMGM.

Canada is a very young team and has not played together for very long, but there are many people who believe that Canada has what it takes to win it all.

According to odds provided by Bet365 Sportsbook, Brazil is considered by most experts to be their favorite team to win this year’s tournament.

They were first in FIFA rankings last year and had many European players who have experience playing together on multiple other occasions (including World Cups).

The World Cup’s favorites are Germany, Brazil, France, Belgium, England, Spain, Portugal, and Argentina. Different punters have highly rated these countries.

Canada’s chances of winning the 2022 World Cup are 151.00, according to Bet365. This is mostly determined by the team’s quality and their past records.