How To Bet On Baseball In Canada?

If you want to know how to bet on baseball in Canada, this guide is for you. Learn the main principals and strategies to maximize your chances to be in profit while MLB betting online.

bet on baseball in canada

There are many passionate baseball fans across Canada. One of the reasons why baseball fans are everywhere in Canada is because betting in baseball is fun. Baseball is the major sport in North America which offers daily activities through the summer months. As a result, there is a demand for MLB betting sites that accept Canadians.

Yes, currently, MLB betting is legal in Canada. Until August 2021, parlays were only allowed to be placed by Canadian sports bettors. Now, there are no restrictions to betting after the parliament changed its criminal code.

Ontario is the first province which offered legal online sports betting. Mobile betting has been launched in Ontario on April 4, 2022.

Where To Bet Baseball Online In Canada?

Many sites are available for Canadian players and offer betting odds on the MLB. If you are looking for a reliable place to bet, here is a couple of the best MLB betting sites:


It pays extra cashback on all successful MLB odds parlay tickets. For this reason, it is one of the best baseball betting sites. It has 24/7 live chat support.

Exceptional customer service, an extensive betting offer, fast payments, and live commentary. Great odds, great in-play betting, and the best mobile app.

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888 Sport

888 sports delivers loads of regular season and MLB betting odds and MLB World Series. The site has been active for years and offers tons of sports, including baseball to bettors.

On 888 Sport, the odds are great. Because of their cooperation with Sportradar, they are always among the first to market for the majority of competitions.

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How To Bet On Baseball In Canada?

Baseball betting online requires a person to know the details of baseball rules and team statistics. The basic knowledge of the players and teams will help to make smart decisions when placing a bet. There are some main types of bets for MLB betting online in Canada. The baseball betting online options are available during the normal season and World Series.

Moneyline Bets

Moneyline betting online is a popular option for MLB betting in Canada.

This type of bet requires sports bettors to pick the team that will win straight up. There is no spread and props, just straight-up, old school wins and losses. The sportsbooks set odds for each team based on their chance of winning the game.

The payout is based on the odds and the amount of money used to bet. Sometimes, there are evenly matched teams that have evenly matched odds. This happens when there is a clear favourite, and the predictable outcome. The most sensible bet in such an instance is to make the parlay where two or more Moneyline bets are combined on a single betting slip.

For example, if the Dodgers (+110) are the Yankees (-130). A winning bet will payout based on the team's odds.

You would win more money by betting on the Dodgers; they are the underdog and have a low probability of winning.

If a bet of $100 is placed on the Yankees, you will receive a C$210 (C$110 net profit + C$100 initial stake), while a C$100 bet on the Dodgers would pay C$230.

Run line or Points Spread

Run line betting is the same as the spread in other sports like football and basketball.

Instead of betting on the winner, the bettors bet on how many lines a certain team will win or lose. It is a 1.5 run spread (+1.5 for the underdog and -1.5 for the favourite). Some bookies might offer higher MLB betting lines with bigger disparities in odds. Run lines help to even things up between unevenly matched teams.

For instance, from the money line section, the Yankees are the favourites in this game. Hence, they will be the team that needs to cover the -1.5 run line spread.

If the odds associated with the Yankees covering the run line are 2.15 and the Dodgers MLB betting odd is 1.60. If the Yankees win the game by two or more, a C$100 wager on the Yankees run line will pay out C$215.

On the other hand, the Dodgers need to either win or lose the game by just one run for a C$100 run line wager on the Dodgers to pay out C$160.

Totals (Over/Under)

If you don't want to bet on a particular team, you can consider the over or under-market. This market allows you to guess the total number of runs scored throughout the game. The sportsbooks will set an over/under number for each game. Bettors are allowed to wager on whether more or fewer runs will be scored in the game than total.

Suppose the totals for the Dodgers and Yankees game are set at ten runs. The over bet would win and payout the required MLB odds if 11 or more runs were scored in the game. The under bet would win and payout the required odds if nine or fewer runs were scored. If ten runs are scored, the bet would be considered a push, and the wager would be returned to your account.

Future Bets

Future bets are long-term MLB betting predictions in which you can guess the winner of a division. Also, you can guess if a particular team would make the playoffs or the winner of the World Series.

Some sportsbooks allow you to place series bets in which you can guess the winner of a normal season series between the two teams. 

Future bets can also be used for individual player rewards. You can bet on who the best pitcher is, rookie of the year, MVP, and more. Usually, the odds on future bets are higher. 

How To Place An MLB Online Bet?

You need to have an account at any Canadian betting site to place an MLB bet. Here is the step-by-step procedure on how to bet on baseball while betting on MLB games:

  1. Join an online sportsbook

    You would need to open an account on a top online MLB betting platform available in Canada. Visit their website and sign up.

  2. Make a deposit

    To proceed with betting, you will need to fund your account. Most MLB betting accepts visa cards, MasterCard, iDebit, Paysafecard, and transfer deposits from Canadians.

  3. Bet on baseball

    You have a sports betting account and a bankroll to wager at any time. It is time to start baseball betting online.

  4. On the website of your sportsbooks, select baseball from the menu. This will bring out all the bets you can make at the site.

  5. Select “Game lines” under MLB to show the major leagues game that day.

  6. The run line, moneyline, and total odds will be shown for each game that day.

How To Predict The Game Outcome?

The computer system estimates from the Interference Index to predict future Major League baseball games.

Previous score and pitcher data are used to estimate the results of each game. The results do not account for any injuries or many factors that could change the direction of the game outcome.

Baseball is a very random game. As a result, there will always be some errors in the MLB betting predictions. 

Follow our website as we will soon be able to track some betting tips online.

MLB Betting Props

An MLB prop bet is a wager that has no impact on the outcome of a baseball game. A prop bet is a proposition wager, and these bets are for entertainment purposes. MLB prop bets can be MLB player props like pitchers strikeout total, to a hitter's hit total, or niche bets like stolen bases or hitters striker. Most prop bets would be yes/no odds or over/under odds.

For instance, how many strikeouts will Clayton Kershaw have against the Giants?

Over 6.5 +200 or Under 6.5 -200. If you place a bet of $100 on Kershaw to strike out OVER 6.5 at +200 odds, you would have a payout of $300 (your $100 back, plus $200 in net profit).

If you want to win a bet wagering on the UNDER 6.5 at -200, you must wager $200 to profit $100. 

MLB Live Betting

There is an increase in the growth of MLB Live Betting in Canada. In modern-day baseball, watching your team play can provide insight that pre-game wagers cannot.

This market is more often intended for the dedicated MLB bettor, as you would most likely watch the games as you place a wager.

MLB online sportsbooks are perfect for live betting because the pace of each ball game will alter the odds from different innings. Each pitch, swing, and run can completely change the available betting lines.

MLB live betting offers specific markets not available on pre-game wagers like "the outcome of the next bat" or "strikeouts in the next half-inning." As a result, MLB Live Betting is profitable.

MLB Futures

It is the “odds to win” wager in baseball and is commonly referred to as a future odds wager.

Bettors must select a team to win a future event. The money wagered would be held until there is an outcome, and bettors will receive the fixed odds they placed on the wager.

The Major league baseball future market is available yearly, and the future odds are normally updated every week. Bettors can place future wagers in the off-season, regular season, and postseason.

The most popular MLB future wager is on the World Series. There are 30 teams in MLB. The teams are divided equally between the American and National League leagues. The champion in each league would meet in the World Series, which is a best of seven series. The first team to win four games is declared the World Series winner and MLB futures winner. Other futures are betting on the American League and National League winners.

Baseball Online Betting Strategies

Here are some tips which may help you a bit to learn how to bet on baseball efectively:

  1. Avoid big favourites

    Oddsmakers know that bettors in baseball betting love to take favourites. As a result, they would emphasise public bias and shade the lines accordingly. When your favourite wins, your payout is small, and you get crushed when they lose.

  2. Bet against the public

    More often than not, the public always loses. They will always bet favourites, home teams, popular franchises, and teams with star players. There is also a victim of recency bias. If a team looked great in their last game, they would bet on it.

  3. Study the weather

    Most times, bets are placed on the moneyline. Bettors can still find values on totals in baseball betting. The wind must be considered while placing a total wager.

  4. Take advantage of plus-money underdogs

    Bettors must win up to 52.4% most of the time to break even. If MLB bettors avoid big favourites and consistently take plus-money underdogs, they can win.

  5. Shop for the best line

    The biggest mistake new bettors make when betting on baseball is making wagers through only one sports betting site. This is bad because it compels bettors to play what their sportsbooks offer. Multiple accounts can be created to shop for the best line at several different books.

How To Bet On Baseball Effectively?

While you bet on MLB games, you should be informed and make profitable wagers throughout the season.

betting online baseball strategies

Bet Against The Crowd

Create a strategy and look at the bigger picture when making a bet on baseball.

This would help you see more potential profits on the underdog's side. The crowd loves favourites. They also bet on the teams based on their previous performances. Although this could be beneficial, sometimes but may not turn out to be the outcome.

Pay Attention To The Bet lines

Focus on what the MLB bet lines bookmakers are doing.

Focus on the beltline to anticipate the results of the game. Pay special attention to the reverse line movements. A reverse line movement is when the line moves in the opposite direction to the betting percentages. By following the reverse line movements, you can predict what the bookmakers think will happen and make your bets accordingly.

Manage Your Bankroll Smartly

A bankroll management strategy is required to make the MLB betting tips useful. It is always good to be conservative while betting.

Protect your bankroll by placing the right kinds of bets.

Many bettors like to wager 1% of their bankroll; others can bet as much as 5%.

Be Comfortable With High-Volume Wagers

If you are using a good strategy with a consistent ROI, betting high volume means taking advantage of these games to increase your profits without risking too much money.

Profits are higher in the MLB due to the number of games played regularly. 

Common Mistakes While Betting On Baseball

Making mistakes while making a baseball bet can cost you lots of money and reduce your profits. Let's see how to bet on baseball to avoid some common mistakes:

  1. Ignoring the weather condition

    The wind is an important factor if you are an over/under or totals bettor. The wind can affect the movement of the ball during a game. Your entire bets shouldn’t be based on the wind but make sure you consider the weather while making a total bet.

  2. Betting too many games

    Avoid placing numerous MLB bets. The problem of placing too many bets is that you are overeager, which is dangerous. Avoid betting too many games. Not all games are going to give value. It is also impossible to have strong predictions for every single game.

  3. Betting the popular teams blindly

    You need to be careful when placing bets on the public favourites teams. Because you think a team will mean doesn’t mean they will. Check games where betting against fan favourites might be smart. Also, check the lines closer to the game time.

  4. Not looking for value

    Placing bets only to focus on hitting the winning tickets without the value is a big mistake. You can’t make money from online MLB betting if you are not winning bets with value. It is possible to have a winnings baseball betting online record and be losing a lot of money. Winning a bet can make you feel good. Are you making profits on that winnings?

  5. Placing the wrong bets

    Most bettors know they can bet with moneyline, run line, and over/under on a baseball game. Many bettors are unaware of the best bet type for the prediction they have. Although these bets can win profits, other kinds of bets can win better profits. Examples are parlay, prop bets or even live to bet.

Major League Baseball Season

mlb season betting online

Major league baseball MLB is the oldest major sports league in the United States and Canada. The MLB features 30 teams. A normal MLB season starts in early spring and concludes in late summer. The peak of the season is the World Series which is the final between the champions of the National League and the American League.

Each of the 30 teams in the MLB plays a total of 162 games during the season. The 30 teams are split into two leagues, 15 teams in the American League and 15 teams in the National League.

The top five teams in each league will advance to a four-round postseason tournament. The winners in each league will head off to the World Series to take place in the best of seven championships to determine the winner. This means that there are many bets you can make between March and September every year. 

Some of the popular MLB teams are the New York Mets, Kansas City Royals, Sans Francis Giants, Boston Red Sox, and the Cleveland Indians. The MLB is also recorded for having the highest number of spectators in a season which is more than any other sports league.

To Sum Up

Do you know how to bet on baseball games now? We are sure you do! When betting on matches, remember the tips and strategies in this guide. We will appreciate it if you share this article with your friends!


Yes. When wagering on Major League Baseball MLB, you can bet on moneyline, run line, totals, futures, player and team props, parlays, or even bet live.

There are three major ways to gamble in baseball. Moneyline, run line, and over/under can be used. Before a season starts, you can bet on baseball by wagering on futures or season wins.

Players in Canada can have various accounts at any top baseball betting site. They offer a wide range of baseball markets.

An over 1.5 goals in a baseball match means that two or more runs are required to win the bet. A zero or one run means that the bet loses. The over 1.5 runs apply to the time of the match and do not include the extra time.

Yes, it is legal to bet on college baseball. Betting on college baseball may not be available at many online sportsbooks.

For new bettors, the easiest sport to bet on is MLB baseball. The easiest sport in terms of accessibility is the National football league.