Esports Betting In Canada 

Esports betting in Canada has been quickly growing in popularity among players over the years. It has even been considered by many as the quickest rising means of entertainment on the globe. Now, you will find a broad selection of esports markets on the leading betting sites in Canada. 

esports betting online canada
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This increasing number of options, although a good thing, comes with its drawbacks. For instance, choosing the best esports betting site can be tricky and time-consuming, especially as a new player. This is because not all the available options are secure, as there are still shady alternatives in the mix. 

If you are new to esports betting or just looking for an excellent Canadian platform to play, this guide will teach you all you need. You will find a compiled list of the best pro esports betting sites in Canada, how to place bets on them, strategies to help you win, alongside other important information.

Meaning of eSports

Esports, in simple terms, means electronic sports. They are organized video gaming events spanning numerous leagues with players and teams battling for who will be the winner. Esports players are placed on contract to play for numerous organizations, similar to basketball or football players. These teams constantly practise to be the best.

People who want to watch esports have tons of streaming platforms, with Twitch being the most popular option. Others include YouTube, Discord, and GINX, a popular choice in Canada. 

What is eSports Betting?

Esports betting involves bettors placing wagers on various tournaments and matches. It is no different from your typical sports betting, as you can wager on who will win a tournament or who will win an individual match. We will cover this in more detail later in this guide.

When it involves esports betting Canada, there are tons of available opportunities. The most popular options include:

league of legends esports canada

This is probably the most popular esports title in Canada and worldwide.

The League of Legends World Championship winner stands a chance to win a cash prize running into millions of dollars. Tons of people stream this multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) title from Riot Games, which is why you will find it on numerous betting websites.

dota 2

This is another prevalent MOBA title that many players enjoy wagering on.

It has tons of popular tournaments under its belt, which is why you will find numerous competitive odds on top Canadian sites.

These odds cover various events and tournaments, including the International. This tournament has broken multiple records for its impressive winnings to date. 

call of duty esports canada

COD is arguably one of the most impressive third-person shooter titles.

Its popularity shot up even more with Call of Duty: Warzone release, which was in 2020. This has added to the extensive list of competitions and tournaments all ready available around the globe. It is no surprise that this is a popular esports that players love to wager on. 

valorant esports canada

Even though this title is not as established as other esports titles we have covered, it is still extremely popular, especially for Canadian bettors.

Now, you will find a variety of experienced teams and tournaments for Valorant. There are also numerous betting options available in Canadian bookies, which means bettors will have a field day. 


This is a title from Blizzard Entertainment that strategically combines battle arena and first-person shooter concepts.

Today, it has become a major hit in esports, which is mainly due to the Overwatch League constructed similarly to the NFL. Now, there is hardly a sports betting site that won’t have this game on offer along with competitive odds. 

These esportbet options listed do not cover all the esports available for players to wager on, as the number of tournaments is constantly rising. For instance, players who enjoy typical sports games can bet on various tournaments in NBA 2K, FIFA, and many more. 

Canadian betting laws are somewhat complex since most provinces have their laws on gambling. However, esports bettors who want to bet on their favourite esports must use only betting channels that are legal or sanctioned in the province. Also, the betting site must not be situated in Canada or must be in a neutral province.

But if a Canadian decides to open an esports gambling platform, the amount of processing and paperwork can be a lot. What's more, the local authorities must categorize the website as legal and of benefit to the Canadian community. Anyone who wants to attain this will need to invest a massive sum to meet all digital laws. This is why you won't find too many sportsbooks based in Canada today. 

Nevertheless, these numerous sanctioned options do not cover sites that offer esports. This can be disappointing news for players looking for where to bet on esports in Canada.

On the bright side, there is no law stopping Canada residents from wagering on esports via offshore betting platforms. These websites majorly use licenses from bodies like the UKGC and the MGA, which means they are still safe. 

Where To Bet Esports Online In Canada?

BookmakerType of Bet Terms and Conditions 
  • Live betting
  • Match Winner
  • Total Kills
  • Correct Map Scores
  • Min. deposit C$10
  • Bets will be void if the fixture is not listed correctly
  • Live betting
  • Match winners
  • Outright bets
  • Handicap
  • Correct score
  • Min. deposit C$10
  • 18+ only
  • Handicap
  • Match odds
  • Total maps
  • Correct score
  • First-to
  • The player with most kills
  • Limit of C$40,000 attached to payouts
  • Any disqualification before the main tournament is deemed valid in the competition


Bet365 is a leading sportsbook in Canada licensed by IGO and both the UKGC and MGA, which are some of the top regulators in the industry.

It covers an extensive range of esports games, including popular titles like Call of Duty, Dota 2, and Counter-Strike: GO. Players who would rather wager on sports can bet on FIFA and enjoy a chance to win various tournaments.

Bet365 has various betting options to meet the numerous markets, including correct map scores, match winner, and an in-play betting option. The latter is a great choice for players who enjoy following the game's events and predicting the outcome.

Like most sportsbooks, players will need to deposit a minimum of C$10 to start wagering on this platform.

Exceptional customer service, an extensive betting offer, fast payments, and live commentary. Great odds, great in-play betting, and the best mobile app.

Bet365 Review19+. Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.
  • It is an internationally recognized bookmaker
  • Different banking options are available
  • The website and app are easy to navigate
  • Live streaming is available for new customers


888sports is an esportbet platform with numerous offerings, including a casino and bingo site. It also caters to Canadian eSport fans with titles like LOL, CS: GO, Starcraft 2, Dota 2, and many more. You can make individual bets or bet on a tournament depending on your preference. There are various betting options, including handicap, correct score, etc. Like the others on our list, this platform is fully licensed by the iGo and UKGC, ensuring that you are safe.

On 888 Sport, the odds are great. Because of their cooperation with Sportradar, they are always among the first to market for the majority of competitions.

888 Review19+. Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.
  • Signing up, betting, and cashing out are all simple
  • This brand is available all around the world
  • A large number of betting alternatives are available at attractive odds


LeoVegas is another solid esportbet option for Canadian players. It offers competitive odds on popular titles like LOL, CS: GO, Overwatch, PES, FIFA, etc. You can also wager on tournaments, including on games like DOTA 2, which is known to attach a very profitable prize pool. Available bets range from handicap, correct score, total maps, etc. This bookmaker is also properly licensed by the iGO, UKGC, and MGA, which means Canadian players can play without a hitch.

However, it has a limit of C$40,000 attached to payouts on sports, including esports games.

LeoVegas Sport is a renowned betting service that offers a wide choice of sports and events to wager on. Niche sports available, good live betting experience.

LeoVegas Review19+. Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.
  • Live betting
  • Wide variety of sports betting options
  • e-sports
  • Good customer support

Choosing The Best Esports Betting Site 

If you decide to find an esports betting site in Canada by yourself, you will need to consider some important factors. These include: 


licensing esports

When playing in an online sportsbook in Canada, you want to ensure that you play on only licensed platforms. The regulatory body tasked with keeping the sportsbook in check will always ensure you are treated fairly, and games have random outcomes. 

If you decide to opt for an unlicensed casino, you may experience delayed payouts, unfair gameplay, and in worse cases, be defrauded. Ideally, its best to aim for esports betting companies Canada licensed by top bodies like the MGA or UKGC. These are some of the top bodies in the business, and they hold their licensees accountable using various regulations.

Esports Available 

esports available

You will want to ensure that the online sportsbook you choose covers a broad range of esports. Your objective for playing on the platform is to enjoy esports games, which is vital.

If you opt for a bookmaker that only offers a limited selection of games, it can quickly become boring.

We recommend you choose those with many of the top esports on offer like LOL, Call of Duty, Dota 2, Overwatch, and other popular selections. This will ensure you can enjoy variety and switch between options when you want.

Betting Markets

esports betting markets

In addition to the offered esports, you will want to factor in the available betting markets/options. An extensive betting market means you enjoy variety and more ways to win. If you choose a platform that focuses on only Over/Under bets, it can quickly get repetitive and restrictive. 

The diversity of the betting market is crucial because it allows you to mix things up and pick from various betting options.

This way, you can leverage your betting expertise and win more money from the sportsbook. In most cases, you want to ensure you find betting options like handicap, match winner, most kills, etc. There should also be an opportunity for in-play betting, especially if you enjoy wagering on games as events unfold. 

Competitive Odds

esports competitive odds

The esports betting companies Canada odds influence how much you win when you wager on a sportsbook.

In fact, the difference in your earnings between odds of -110 and – 120 can be extremely significant. This is the case even though it might seem like little at a glance, but this figure tends to add up over time. Before you settle for one sportsbook, its best to look around for various offers and choose those that have the best odds. 

Industry Reputation 

industry reputation esports

The reputation of an esportbet bookie among players goes a long way to show if it is reliable or not. This is information that you can easily find in today's world considering easy access to review sites on the internet. Read about what others say about a sportsbook and their experience before you register. If it is mostly negative, its best to continue your search. 

Customer Service

customer service

Even if you do everything the right way, there is still a chance that you may run into a hitch eventually when on an esports gambling site.

A good support team will be all you need to get back on track fast in cases like this. We suggest that you go for sportsbooks with a reliable support team that can be reached via numerous outlets. These include live chat, email, telephone, and even social media outlets. 

Payment Options

esports online payment options

The payment methods supported on the online sportsbook you want to wager on are also critical.

It says a lot when a bookmaker ensures that you have numerous payment options for deposits and withdrawals. These should range from credit/debit cards, e-wallets, online banking, and cryptocurrencies. 

Payout Speed 

Asides from having numerous options, the payout speed should also be fast. There is nothing more frustrating than playing on a platform that will take forever to pay out the earnings you have amassed. Reliable esports betting companies Canada offer payouts within 24 hours – 2 days which you should aim for. 

How to Bet on Esports Online – Available Betting Options 

There are numerous betting options available when you want to bet on esports. Some of the most popular options include: 


You will find this bet type on the best pro esports betting sites in Canada. Here, you are betting on who will win the match or event.

The bookmaker will assign odds to every team to be the outright winner for the season or tournament. This represents the chances of each team winning, and the odds, as we mentioned earlier, can influence the payout. 

Some of the best options under this category include: 

  • Tournament Winner: This is a bet placed on who will win the tournament. They are typically placed way before the leading competitions like the Intel Extreme Masters, The international, etc. The odds tend to change, which means it can be complex to determine the winner of a tournament in advance. However, if you do proper research on the events, you can earn reasonable amounts with these bets. 
  • Match Winner: This is a bet on who will win a match. These bets are the most common types of bets available on Canadian esports betting sites and are not as complex as the tournament winner bets. They are also great options for those who enjoy live bets or in-play bets since the odds can change at any time. This also has different categories, but this is the most basic. 

Moneyline Bet

This is the same as outright bets and is mostly used interchangeably in many esports betting companies in Canada. Here, you are also betting on which team will win without any additional conditions on your bet; for instance, the team to win a Dota 2 match. 

If you would like to know more about how the moneyline bets work, you can have a look here.

Bracket or Group Winner 

This is like the tournament winner bet, except that here, you are betting on who will win at various aspects of the tournament. So, for instance, if a tournament has a group elimination stage like in football matches, you will bet on who will win a specific stage, and so on. Obviously, this also comes with its risks, which are lower than the tournament winner bet, and with the right research, you can win big. 

First Map

Here, you are betting on who will win the first map. This type of bet is great for players who enjoy first-person shooter games. These range from Call of Duty, Overwatch, and CS: GO. 

Over/Under Bets 

These are bets on if an esports team will score lower or more than the amount specified by the bookmarker. You are not wagering on the precise score but an expected range here. For instance, instead of saying a team will win three maps, you can bet on them winning less than four maps, and your bet wins if they win either 1, 2 or 3 maps. 

Odds/Even Bets 

Here, you will wager on if there will be an odd or even number of players killed, games won, or rounds played. This is based on luck and gives you a 50/50 chance of winning, making it simpler than many other betting options. Your chances are spread with this betting option, making it ideal for players who don't want to take too many risks. 

Accumulator Bets 

These esports gambling site bets are similar to parlay bets in sports betting. Here, they also go by the name combi-bets and like parlay bets online; you are betting on the results of numerous esports games.

However, to win, you will need to ensure you get all the predictions correctly. This means winning an accumulator bet can be highly complex, but the payouts can be huge if you do. It is a high-risk and high reward bet, but you might want to go through the terms and conditions first before using this bet. 

Handicap Betting

There are teams that are stronger than other teams known as the favourites, and if you see them in a matchup, they are more likely to win.

However, if you want to boost your earnings, you can use a handicap wager, which will give a disadvantage to the favourite team and offer you better odds if the team still wins.

Handicap bets will place a harder condition for the favourite team to win, thus improving your payout. If you are lucky, you may spot a great-looking handicap bet on a sportsbook that will allow you to make decent returns. 

System Bets 

System bets share some similarities with accumulator bets since you are combining more than one selection on a slip. However, unlike the accumulator bets, all your bets don't have to be winners, and losing one does not void the entire bet. The payouts from the system bets are not as profitable as accumulator bets, but you will still stand a chance to make good returns.

This is an excellent option if you feel the risk of an accumulator bet is too much to handle. System bets come in various categories, including doubles, trebles, etc. They all have different impacts on your payouts since they come with varying levels of risk. 

How to Place An Esports Online Bet In Canada?

Placing a bet on the best pro esports betting sites Canada is very easy. However, not everyone knows how to go about this. Therefore, we have put together this extensive step-by-step guide to help you out.

  1. Find the right esportbet bookie

    The first thing you need to do if you want to wager on esports games is find the right bookmaker.

    There are tons of bookies offering services to players in Canada, but we recommend going for licensed options.

    You can find some of the leading platforms on our compiled list.

  2. Register on the platform

    You’ll have to register on your selected bookie.

    This will require you to hit the Register or Sign-up button, usually at the top right of the home page. You can do this via your PC or mobile device, depending on the one you prefer.

    To register, you will need to input your personal information, including your name, phone number, email address, etc. Once these have been verified, your account should become functional.

  3. Make a deposit

    You will need to deposit some money on the esports betting Canada sportsbook before you start to wager.

    Head to the banking/cashier section and pick one of the deposit options available. Most bookies will offer reliable payment options like PayPal, Skrill, Credit/Debit Cards, cryptocurrencies, etc.

    Choose the one you prefer and make the minimum deposit as specified by the bookie. Most deposits are instant, so you should be able to start betting immediately.

  4. Pick your preferred esports

    Now that you have completed your registration, you can go through the list of esports games and pick your preferred option.

    Most betting sites will provide options like LOL, Overwatch, Fortnite, etc.

    To find the options available, hit the esports menu on the sportsbook and pick one.

  5. Choose your bet market

    Once you have picked your preferred game match or tournament to wager on, you will need to choose your bet type.

    Depending on the esports gambling sportsbook, you should find options like over/under, moneylines, accumulator or handicap bets.

    Pick a selection and make your wager. Make sure you understand the bet and what it entails before you do.

  6. Make your wager

    Once you have settled all the required areas, make your wager.

    If your selection is right, you may be the next lucky winner! Don’t forget to have fun while you play. If you win and want to withdraw your earnings, head to the banking/cashier section and pick your preferred withdrawal option.

    Some platforms will require you to upload a proof of identity when you want to activate withdrawals.

    If you do everything right, your funds will be processed between 24hours – 2days, depending on the payment option.

How to Predict The eSports Match Outcome?

The fact is that there is no proven technique to predict the outcome of a game by yourself except via research and tipsters.

Extensive research can help you understand how a game works and what to expect using past data. With the information you gather from your research, you will be able to make better wagers that improve your winning chances on esports betting companies Canada.

These may be akin to predicting the game’s outcome, even though they are not accurate.

Another option will be to follow tipsters, who are experts and platforms that provide esports betting tips and predictions.

Even with research, it is not simple to predict how a match will end since there are many factors to consider. This is where the tipsters or esports betting tips and predictions websites come in. They are simply predictions about the results of matches created to give bettors a better chance with their wagers.

These tips and predictions are made from the calculation of various factors to understand the winning chances of competitors. With them, you can develop your strategy and bet more efficiently. 

Who Develops Tips?

Tips are normally developed by numerous professionals who are passionate about esports betting online in Canada. In most cases, the professional tipster uses his/her knowledge to provide betting tips for various tournaments and games. Other times, it could be various individuals who are players themselves sharing tips they believe are great to help you out. 

These tips may fall into thousands, and not all of them may be useful. This means it can be a complex activity to decipher the right tips from the rest. Fortunately, we are here to help you out. Our website can be an excellent chance for you to stay ahead as we have in-house experts that track betting tips online. We cover a variety of tips on numerous leading titles like CSGO, LOL, Volarant, Overwatch, and so on.

We only provide detailed information and understand how to pick the good tips from the bad ones. All you need to do is follow our website, and this information will be available to you free of charge! With time, you will be able to create your strategy and win big! 

Esports Betting Props 

esports betting props

Prop bet is betting on a proposition on if someone can do something or not. They are also referred to as specials and may not impact the game outcome. This bet can cover various game milestones or performances of individual players. It could consist of any bets that don’t include totals, moneylines or point spreads. 

In most cases, prop bets give you two options to select from and let you add a little creativity to sports betting. With this type of bet, you can wager on everything that has to do with the game. However, you will need to do them before the game begins. There are many prop bets in esports, including: 

  • Timing Wagers: Here, you wager on the amount of time needed to complete a milestone. For instance, betting on if the match will be over in less than 20 minutes or if there will be a pause in the first 5 minutes of the game. 
  • Total score: This is a bet you place on the final score of an event or match. You will need to pick the score before the event begins—for instance, the final score of a FIFA match between two teams. You can also place a bet on the number of kills a team or player will get.
  • Player Performance: Another popular but complex esports bet is to bet on a player in the game. Here, you are betting on how a player will perform, like how many goals a specific player will score, how many kills, etc. These bets have higher odds since they are not easy to predict. 
  • MPV/Top Player: These bets are similar to the player performance bets but with fewer complexities. Here, you are betting on who will be the top player for a match. This is only available for games that support it, like football. 
  • First Blood and First Kill: You can bet on who you feel will have the first blood or first kill in a specific matchup on some esports betting sites. Unlike the others, this type of bet may be tricky and require some expertise. 

Esports Live Betting 

Live betting on esports is different from the typical live bets available. Here, you can bet on an esports game after it has started. This is becoming a rising trend as it allows you to monitor the game and make changes depending on what you think may happen. The best part is that you can watch a game and observe as events go on, and if you notice the tides changing, live betting allows you to switch bets. 


This is ideal for esports lovers who know how to spot trends as they can get better odds and win more money as the game progresses.

The major difference between typical betting and live betting is that on the first, you decide based on past events. However, live betting lets you get more information a few minutes into the game and decide on a better outcome. 


  • You can turn losing bets into winners 
  • Get more information after the game has started 
  • It offers you a chance to improve your odds 
  • Live betting enhances the level of excitement


  • It can make bettors confused 
  • You may find it difficult to maintain a plan 
  • Managing your bankroll becomes difficult 

Esports Betting Online Strategies

Having a good strategy in place when betting on the best pro esports betting sites in Canada can be all you need in ensuring you get better winnings. Here are a few strategies that can help you out: 

  1. Do extensive research

    Make sure you research extensively on the sports you plan to wager on. This will help you stay ahead and improve your winning chances.

  2. Use our betting tips

    Ensure you use the betting tips we provide on our website. They are sourced from specialists all over the internet and can be the boost your wager needs.

  3. Make smaller bets

    Its best to make smaller bets and increase them gradually. This will ensure you can manage your bankroll better and play for longer.

  4. Pick the right betting system

    There are tons of betting systems that can give you an edge in esports betting online in Canada. Popular options include the double chance and Fibonacci formula. Learn about how each one works and pick one that suits your playstyle.

  5. Keep track of your results

    Finally, you want to monitor your results. See if there are any improvements and change them frequently to ensure you keep staying ahead.

Things to Remember While Betting on Esports Online 

When engaging in esports betting online in Canada, you will want to keep the following tips in mind to help improve your chances. 

  • Choose the right sportsbook: This is very vital as the wrong sportsbook can make your overall gambling experience frustrating. First, make sure the bookmaker is licensed and has an extensive collection of esports games and bets. You can check out the list for the best options
  • Understand how odds work: All sportsbooks have odds, which can influence your earnings. While betting, you need to understand the odds and how they can affect your earnings—knowing how odds work will also let you know if the particular odds are favourable or not. 
  • Learn the game: Don’t bet on a game you don't know or understand. It would be easier to make smarter decisions and win more money if you understand a game. Make sure you learn about a game, its rules, and what it entails before you wager. 
  • Create a strategy: Have a betting strategy when betting and ensure you follow it. Don't get tempted and wager blindly, as a good betting strategy can make a difference in your earnings. 

How to Avoid Common Mistakes While Betting on Esports?

Many players make mistakes when wagering on esports for the first time. This is very common for new players, so we will be covering some of the most common esports mistakes. We will also show you how to avoid them and improve your winning chances. 

  1. Failing to do detailed research

    Some players fail to do their research before they wager on esports. However, this is an essential step for anyone thinking about betting by enhancing your knowledge through the information available online, old matches, and stats, you will have a better chance of winning. Make sure you extensively research the esports game you want to bet on.

  2. Failing to compare sportsbooks

    Another common mistake players make is registering on the first sportsbook they find. However, this is a bad idea as some sportsbooks are better than others, including their offerings. Before you pick a platform, it is advisable to compare your various options and ensure you get the best deal before settling.

  3. Underestimating esports betting

    Another common mistake players make is underestimating how complex esports betting is. They believe the games are simply video games and take them lightly. Eventually, they lose their money betting on games they failed to understand. Make sure you take esports betting online seriously by evaluating all stats and researching extensively before you wager.

  4. Chasing loses

    If you lose some money betting on esports, don’t make the mistake of trying to get your money back instantly. Many people fall into this trap and continue to play and lose money instead. This is known as chasing losses, and it is not advisable. If you lose money, stop betting and come back at a later time after you have relaxed and are in a clear state of mind.

  5. Betting in the wrong frame of mind

    Betting on esports requires your mind to be clear. It is not a good time to bet if you are intoxicated, angry, sad, depressed, or even too happy. These can significantly hamper your ability to make decisions and cause you to run into losses. Only bet when your mind is clear.


Canada esports betting is fun, especially when you have the right information. Our detailed guide has covered everything you need to get started. Simply go through our recommended sites, pick an option, register, and start betting. If you do it right, you will be on your way to winning huge returns. 


To gamble on esports games, you will first need to find a bookmaker. Once you do, register, deposit some money and pick your favourite game. Next, choose one of the available betting options and make your wager. If your selection is correct, you win!

Yes, you can bet on players in a team to draw first blood or MVP of a match. You can also bet on which player will have the highest kill score in a game.

The best esports betting sites are properly licensed and offer a collection of esports games and events. We have compiled a list of the top options that you can choose from in the guide above if you are in Canada.