NHL Betting Online In Ontario

NHL betting online in Ontario is easy. Learn about the most effective ways and strategies to bet on ice hockey in Canada.

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Several reputable sportsbooks are operating in Ontario, and many of them excel at NHL wagering. If you're a fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs, Ottawa Senators, or any other team in Ontario, you can now place your bets at a licensed online sportsbook

So how do hockey fans in Ontario decide which sportsbook to use? The best way is to visit each sportsbook's website or mobile app to feel how things work. This way, hockey fans will know which sportsbooks offer the best odds for the big leagues. It's time for hockey fans to take their wagers to the next level by reading our in-depth guide.

Ice hockey fans should keep in mind that only legal online sportsbooks in Ontario should be used for wagering. There are licensed and regulated sportsbooks that are trustworthy with gamblers’ money. Hockey fans should check each website to see if that particular sportsbook is legitimate. 

In Canada, keep in mind that a sportsbook must be subject to provincial regulation. Before placing their bets, fans of hockey betting should ensure that the sportsbook they intend to use is licensed and regulated in their home state. Fortunately, Ontario legalized commercial online sports betting in 2022, and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario is on hand to ensure that each sportsbook is operating properly.

Where To Bet Hockey Online In Ontario?

Here are some of the best places to bet on NHL games in Ontario:


Bet365 has many NHL markets and is a great place to bet on games. They are a well-known bookmarker, and with so many options available, the hockey match would be over before you had a chance to try them all.

Exceptional customer service, an extensive betting offer, fast payments, and live commentary. Great odds, great in-play betting, and the best mobile app.

Bet365 Review19+. Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.
  • It is an internationally recognized bookmaker
  • Different banking options are available
  • The website and app are easy to navigate
  • Live streaming is available for new customers

It's a relief that the site is simple to use and navigate. Even though Pinnaclesports is based in Europe, all betting options are available for Ontario bettors. This bookmaker is one of the few places where you can watch live hockey games, and this is because of the live betting portal. You can keep track of the game's progress and place your next wager at any time. Check the bet365 referral code.

You should look out for competitive odds before choosing a bookmaker. At Bet365 hockey betting, you get access to some of the best odds in the world on betting markets with different ways to wager and win. They offer money line odds that have better value and odds than you will find on other hockey sportsbooks. Without a doubt, Bet365 is an impressive site with lots of betting options. 

Live betting is another popular feature on the Bet365 hockey betting platform, and here, the best way to wager is by in-play betting. With this live option, you can place bets while games are happening in real-time.

The sportsbook offers odds on games in the NHL during the regular season. Furthermore, if you have a funded account, you can access the live streaming feature. This allows you to watch games and monitor the latest stats so, you make informed decisions and wager Bet365 hockey bets with opportunities for high payouts.


Do you want the best hockey odds on the market? Here’s a sportsbook like no other!

Wide range of sports to bet on, high quality of odds. If you are looking for a trusted, legal bookmaker, FanDuel should definitely get your attention.

FanDuel Review19+. Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.
  • It is compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Betting is safe and secure
  • Very fast payout time
  • Major odds types are available

FanDuel sports betting platform allows players to enjoy odds on hockey games in the top leagues worldwide. Whether spreads, moneylines, or 5 team parlays, you can access a variety of odds across different types of bets. These include:

  • Moneylines: This bet allows you to select winners, and you get rewarded for a correct choice.
  • Spreads: This allows you to choose the underdog and wager on the margin of defeat or victory.
  • Props: Players get to bet on more than just losing or winning. These include individual quarters, player performances, etc. 
  • Totals: Totals allow players to choose the over/under and wager the total points scored per game.
  • Live Bets: The live bets offer players odds to wager while games are going on live.

Choose your favorite hockey odds and get the chance to win amazing payouts.

At this FanDuel sportsbook, players can watch up to live streams each day for the duration of the NHL regular season in states where sports betting is legal. However, you must first have a funded sportsbook account. Also, the sportsbook provides live betting options on NHL odds, which allows players to wager live bets on NHL point spreads, over/under totals, and moneylines during the games.


In terms of odds, you will find lots of bets on this reputable bookmaker. At 888sport, players have access to good markets with lucrative odds on ice hockey. You have the choice to bet on your favorite games in the Stanley Cup and love odds which make the whole experience more exciting.

On 888 Sport, the odds are great. Because of their cooperation with Sportradar, they are always among the first to market for the majority of competitions.

888 Review19+. Gambling can be addictive, please play responsibly.
  • Signing up, betting, and cashing out are all simple
  • This brand is available all around the world
  • A large number of betting alternatives are available at attractive odds

The 888sport betting odds are available in several formats such as decimal, fractional, or American. In-play betting is a great way to enjoy odds in the live betting mode. In this sportsbook, players have lots of markets worldwide with different types of bets that offer profitable odds on ice hockey. 

Nothing is more exciting than watching a cup final of a major tournament on your TV or laptop. But the fun is more when you can make a wager mid-match. If you are confident your favorite NHL team is going to win, you can place a bet while watching the match in real-time. Also, the 888 sportsbook has a live streaming feature that allows players to view matches as they happen and place bets on the live-action. Choose your preferred game and market, then follow the live odds on 888sport as they are updated.

How To Bet On NHL Games Online? 

NHL Betting online is a fun way to get more out of this year's hockey season while also increasing your enjoyment of the game. You can place simple bets on the NHL moneyline and puck line and more complex ones like parlays. Here are the easy ways to learn how to bet on hockey games:

Single Game NHL Bets

Puck line, moneyline, and totals bets are the most common wagers at any online sportsbook you choose. These bets are a great place to start as you learn the ropes of NHL betting to place a single wager on a single game. When it comes to NHL betting, single-game bets are the most popular, and once you get a handle on how they work. Also, you'll be able to read and analyze all of the other NHL lines.

Betting the Puck Line

You'll notice that betting on the puck line is similar to betting on the run line in baseball or the spread in the NFL. Also, the term "puck line" may be used interchangeably with the terms NHL spread betting, or hockey point spread betting. The puck line has no outright winner or loser, which makes it unique. Also, bets are placed on the favorites and underdogs, with the former requiring a specific number of goals to win and the latter requiring the underdogs to avoid losing by the specified goal totals.

Betting the NHL Moneyline

The moneyline is, without a doubt, the easiest NHL wager to bet on. By betting on the moneyline, you're predicting the game's outcome with certainty. If you want to win, there are no other options.

Totals Betting

If you're familiar with the puck line and the NHL moneyline, totals betting is just as straightforward. If you're betting on the total score, you're simply wagering on whether or not the two teams will score above or below that number. It is extremely rare for this number to deviate from 5.5, but it happens occasionally.

Multiple Game Bets

If you're going to bet on the NHL, you're going to have many more variables to deal with if you're betting on multiple games. However, the higher the number of variables, the greater the chance of a much larger payout. That's why sharps like to wager on multiple-game NHL bets, as they can reap huge rewards if they're right.

NHL Parlays

A parlay is a wager in which more than one event is included; it can be placed on a single game or several. When you bet on the outcome of multiple games, you're betting that you've correctly predicted the outcome of all of them.

Even if you correctly predict every single event in your parlay, you won't win a fortune if you only get three out of four or nine out of ten of them right. It's important to understand this going into the game.

Every event in your parlay must be a winner to be successful. Due to the low probability of each event in your parlay occurring in your favor, you can win a substantial sum by placing a modest bet. A parlay wager can use any combination of moneyline, puck line, or over/under bets from a single game or multiple games. 

Grand Salami

The Grand Salami is a good option if you're having trouble deciding which Over/Under to put on your board.

In the Grand Salami, every game on the NHL schedule for that day is combined into a single bet. With this wager, every goal (or lack thereof) on the schedule is crucial to your winnings, just like a single-game total.

What if the Grand Salami total is 27.5 goals, and there are five games?

Bettors will either select Over or Under as their wager on that number. You'll win if the five games have 27 or fewer goals, and if that number rises to 28 or more, you'll get paid. If you're looking for a Grand Salami, you may have to hunt for it.

However, it's a fun wager that can last longer than most other bets.

How To Place An NHL Online Bet In Canada?

There has never been a simpler way to wager on hockey than today. Using a smartphone or tablet, you can now bet on this game from the comfort of your own home or even while in bed. Here's how easy it is for Ontario hockey fans to bet on the NHL:

  1. Decide on a sportsbook

    Legal Ontario sportsbooks have a wide variety of great hockey bets. Visit licensed and legal betting sites or download their mobile apps to place bets on Ontario hockey.

  2. Sign up for a user account

    Bettors will need to set up a personal account and place their wagers. It’s important to remember that they’ll need to show that they are of legal age to bet in the province where they currently reside.

  3. Deposit money in your betting account

    The next step is adding money to your betting account. You’ll be given a plethora of options, such as credit cards, debit cards, Interac bank transfers, and e-wallets.

  4. Take a look at the odds or betting lines

    In the hockey betting section, players can see all of the available lines for the game in question. Each bet will have the same amount of risk and reward.

  5. Place your bet

    Hockey fans can now simply click on the odds and continue adding selections or entering their betting stake. You should practice responsible gambling and only place bets with money you don’t mind losing. Hockey is a sport where you never know what’s going to happen.

Toronto Maple Leafs

toronto maple leafs

With a devoted fan base, the Toronto Maple Leafs are the team to cheer for in the province of Ontario. They represent the Eastern Conference’s Atlantic Division in the NHL. The team is led by Jon Tavares and coached by Sheldon Keefe. They currently play at the Scotiabank Arena.

Montréal Canadiens

This team is the Le Club de hockey Canadien, also known as the Habs. They are based in Montreal. Eastern Conference’s Atlantic Division includes them in the NHL. The Molson family owns and coaches the team. The Montreal Canadiens play their home games at the Bell Centre.

Montréal Canadiens

Ottawa Senators

Ottawa Senators

The Ottawa Senators are known as the Sens and are located in Ottawa, Canada. The team currently plays at the state-of-the-art arena. The Ottawa Senator’s General manager Pierre Dorion is in charge of the team, which head coach DJ Smith leads.

Detroit Red Wings

The city of Detroit is also the home of the Red Wings hockey team. Founded in 1917, the Detroit Red Wings are one of the NHL’s original franchises. The Detroit Cougars were the team’s name until 1930. Dylan Larkin is the team’s captain, playing out of Little Caesars Arena. The Red Wings general manager is Steve Yzerman.

Detroit Red Wings

How To Predict The Game Outcome?

To bet on hockey, you need to study how to gain an advantage and win bets. After all, getting paid is the ultimate goal of sports betting. If you want to be a good player, you'll need the best resources available. Fortunately for you, access to the internet and the amount of data you can store are virtually limitless these days.

Fantasylabs.com and DonBest.com are two of our all-time favorite sites. You'll notice that FantasyLabs has a strong focus on fantasy sports. However, punters do the same research on sports and athletes, just from a different angle. Although this is good, gamblers who want to improve their fortunes should broaden their horizons. It's the method used to locate corners. You can learn about upcoming games and trends in the sport. Also, the site can help you improve your sports betting skills. 

NHL Betting Props 

Using NHL Prop Betting, it is possible to place wagers on specific players and events in the NHL game. Prop bets on things like who will score the game's first goal, if a player will score a goal, etc. These are almost universally accepted as NHL props. Most prop bets ask you to wager on whether or not a specific event will occur during a game, and they are usually yes/no propositions.

Online sportsbooks that offer odds on NHL games can offer a wide variety of prop bets that brick-and-mortar sportsbooks cannot. A typical live sportsbook can't support all of the granular prop bets that are often available online because of the sheer volume and variety of events. Any of the NHL betting sites we suggest will provide you with a wide range of prop bets to get the most out of your time spent watching the game.

NHL Live Betting

All good online sportsbooks offer live betting, which allows hockey fans to bet on the NHL more flexibly. As a result, players should be able to place bets during the game, and they should be able to choose from a wide range of betting lines, from predicting the winner of the game to who will score the next goal.

live betting NHL Ontario

Since the odds constantly fluctuate during a live game, placing your wagers at just the right moment is critical. Fortunately, each sportsbook will provide hockey fans with up-to-date information on the game's progress, including the current score and various stats. A graphic visualizer or even live streaming may be available to bettors.

Hockey fans should remember that some sportsbooks allow them to cash out their bets before the game is over. This can be a great option when an underdog team manages to get an early lead. On the other hand, Hockey fans have the option of cashing in their bets early and getting a decent return before things go awry.


  • You can easily bet on the winning team while the game is on.
  • The odds are usually higher during live bets.
  • You can easily determine which team is strong during the match.


  • It is a very risky betting strategy.

NHL Futures 

Before the start of each NHL season, sportsbooks open lines on various futures bets, including the winner of the cup, conference championships, and the destinations of marquee-free agents. Another popular futures bet is wagering on a team's season win totals.

Individual player awards are another type of futures bet; you can select a field option if you believe a player not already listed has a chance of winning. A futures bet on which player will finish the season with the most points, assists, or goals may also be available if two high-profile players are traded. Once the season begins, most sportsbooks will close futures bets.

NHL playoffs betting is the most popular form of NHL futures betting. You can wager on the winner of individual series and conferences at many sportsbooks. The Stanley Cup winner is also up for grabs, with odds that are often significantly different from what was available when those bets were first offered at the beginning of the season. The playoffs are the most popular as far as NHL futures betting goes. In addition to betting on individual games, many sportsbooks allow you to wager on who will win the playoff round as the series progresses.

NHL Online Betting Strategies 

To help you win NHL wagers, here are a few pointers to keep in mind:

Goaltender Stats  

A goaltender's performance can make or break a game, so it's important to know the top goaltenders. Remember to consider the recent play of a goalie when placing your bet.

Team Schedules 

Being familiar with the team's schedule can be extremely helpful. For example, if you know that a team is on a long road trip and thus exhausted or overworked, you can make better wagering decisions.

Betting On The Underdog 

There isn't much of a difference between the best and worst teams in the NHL regarding winning percentages. Even the worst NHL teams win 35% of their games, which is impressive. This means that betting on the underdog has a high return on investment for sports bettors. Things to remember while betting on NHL:

  1. When it comes to wagering on the NHL, there are several variables to consider. If you want to win games, you have to consider factors like defense, offense, the significance of a fixture, and the location of the game.

  2. The importance of a particular match often decides the outcome of a match. A team will typically have a greater desire to win to make the playoffs.

  3. When it comes to placing bets, suspensions and injuries can significantly impact. These factors can significantly impact a team’s ability to defend or attack.

Common Mistakes While Betting On Hockey

Putting money down on a few games isn't the only way to make a bet. Players use sports betting to unwind and make money in their spare time. As a result, if you want to make money betting on sports, you first need to know what you're getting into.

Even the most seasoned sports bettors can slip up. However, the most common mistakes can be avoided easily. Many common blunders can be avoided if you know what to look for when it comes to sports betting. Gamblers should avoid the most common blunders discussed in this article to have long-term success in gambling.

Failing to conduct adequate research

One of the most common blunders people make is not doing enough research when it comes to betting. Whichever sport you follow, this is a huge error. It is nearly impossible to predict who will win a game or come out on top in a competition without extensive research.

In making an uninformed decision, you expose yourself to significant risk and are less likely to succeed. When you have all the information you need, making an informed decision is simpler.

Placing wagers on your favorite sports team

Many people find it hard not to root for their favorite sports team or player. Because you like them, you can't expect your favorite team or individual to win! Taking into account the context of the game they are participating in is critical to making an informed decision.

Uncertainty about how to place a wager

Even the best strategy will not save you money if you lose all of your bets. A betting strategy or method for sports gambling is therefore essential.

Using these rules, you can choose the teams, players, or horses you want to bet on. If you have the necessary expertise, you may be able to design your system. On the other hand, most people save time and effort by obtaining a plan online.

Place your bets based on how you feel

Bettors frequently make decisions about their wagers based on gut instincts rather than cold, hard facts. To bet on a favorite team without considering the odds or match stats. It may work a few times, but if you keep doing this type of blind betting, you'll lose money.

You should not place your bets based on your emotions. Regardless of how much you care about your favorite sports team or person, you must maintain an objective stance to remain objective. Real data, statistical analysis of soccer livescore (livescore bola), probability, and a healthy dose of luck are all used to make bets.

Bankrolling your money

Having a gambling bankroll is setting aside a portion of your earnings specifically for gambling. This is the essential part of responsible gambling. As a successful gambler, you must exercise self-control and manage your money wisely. Spend some time-saving money before making any bets. It's important to keep in mind that this isn't the money you'll need to pay your rent or other expenses. You can protect your money and avoid the temptation to dip into your savings by having separate accounts. Decide how much money you're willing to risk, and stick to it. You can rest assured that you'll have enough funds to place another wager, and your losses will be minimized.

How Does NHL Work?

how does nhl work ontario

The National Hockey League (NHL) is one of the four major sports and one of the most wagered games. Both the Eastern and Western Conferences are made up of 12 teams in the National Hockey League. This year’s conference will be divided into two divisions, with each division containing eight teams. This means that the NHL now has 32 teams.

It’s the 82-game regular season that lasts from October to April in the National Hockey League (NHL). Aiming for a spot in each conference’s postseason is the goal here. Two conference champions face off in a best-of-seven series for the Stanley Cup that culminates in one team being named the victor. June is the month when the celebration takes place.

An NHL hockey game typically lasts 60 minutes, divided into three 20-minute periods. A five-minute overtime period will be played in the event of a tie at the end of regulation time, followed by a shootout. To break a tie, teams in the playoffs will play sudden-death overtime, consisting of two 20-minute periods.

However, there are notable differences between the NHL and today’s standards regarding game length. Gameplay was limited to two 30-minute halves before the 1910-11 season.

Stop-time and 10-minute intermissions were only implemented in the NHL in the 1927-28 season. The fifteen-minute intermissions increased by five minutes in the 1966-67 season. There are a few exceptions, but the standard intermission length is now 18 minutes.


You're ready to dive into the NHL betting action now that you've learned the basics.

Another great idea is finding an advantage over the sportsbooks by studying NHL betting trends. You can learn even more about betting on hockey by reading the rest of the articles in our section on how to do so.

Once you've mastered the fundamentals of hockey betting, check out our sports betting strategy section to learn how to approach the NHL playoffs and other specific situations.

Don't forget to check the top 10 richest NHL players. While this is not necessarily a betting tip, this ranking can give you a new and interesting perspective on the NHL.


There are many ways to bet on NHL games, but picking a winner is one of the most popular. Here, the numbers that indicate the favorite and underdog are used. While placing a bet on the Money Line or simply picking the winner, you’ll see a number that denotes how much you’d have to wager to win $100.

The term “puck line” refers to the spread betting option in hockey. To account for the fact that most hockey games are low-scoring affairs, each team’s puck line is -1.5 goals against their favorite and +1.5 for their underdog.

A 60-minute 3-way moneyline bet covers NHL games. When backing a team to win, they must do so within the first 60 minutes of the match. If a bet excludes overtime or a penalty shootout. If you think so, place a bet that the NHL game will go into overtime.

In the NHL, puck lines are used to level the playing field between two teams, with oddsmakers determining a goal differential. If one team wins by more than 1.5 goals, they are the -1.5 puck line favorites; if the other loses by less than 1.5 goals, they are the +1.5 puck line underdogs.

Hockey remains a challenging sport to bet on for several reasons. Even though hockey wagering has increased in recent years, it is still one of the least bet on major sports overall.

Your wager will depend on the sportsbook you use when betting on NHL in Canada. Most sportsbooks specify their minimum betting amount.

One of the best places to place your wager in Ontario is FanDuel. They have a wide variety of NHL betting markets.