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Canada Legal Betting is the team of igaming professionals who dedicate to provide you with the highest quality rankings and guides in the fields of sports gambling and online casinos.

We understand that every bet is at a premium. Considering that we want to assure you that the content published on Canada Legal Betting is penned by real participants and successful enthusiasts of this market.

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Our team

  • stephen abiola canada legal betting author
    Stephen Abiola

    Stephen Abiola is a Canadian writer who specializes in creating sports betting and casino-related content.

    Since his early youth, Stephen has been very passionate about casino betting and has spent thousands of dollars both on online casinos and traditional casinos. Having perfected his gambling skills, Stephen currently writes for major online betting companies, educating readers about online casinos and sports betting.

    So far, he has created over 2000 gambling-related content which includes casino reviews, slot reviews, sports betting guides and many more.

    Though Stephen plays almost all types of online casino games, his personal favourites are table games. This is mostly due to the fact that table games are games that require skill and experience – something he has managed to get all through his years of gambling both online and offline.

    Stephen’s hobbies include swimming, playing Call of Duty and streaming Youtube.

  • israel thomas canada legal betting author
    Israel Thomas

    Israel Thomas is a 26 year old writer with expertise in gambling reviews and tips. He has been writing for nearly half a decade and has been a gambling expert for much longer.

    He has worked with several authority websites, offering first-hand tips for playing in casinos and sportsbooks. He is presently working as a team member, dedicating his wealth of knowledge to reviewing trending casino and sports betting platforms.

    His expert tips focus on how to make smart bets like the pros. As a gambler himself, his reviews are backed by personal experience. However, he is a firm advocate for responsible gambling.

  • glory jembola canada legal betting author
    Glory Jembola

    Glory is an everyday woman with a keen eye for casino games and online platforms. Her years of active playing have given her insight into various sites’ various strategies and gaming options. Her advice and tips are given from years of error and success in the gambling industry.

    When she is not playing casino or sports bets, she is spending time with her family and friends or simply being the life of the party.

  • peter nwajei canada legal betting author
    Peter Nwajei

    Peter Nwajei is a Content writer and a Graduate of Business Administration who presently resides Canada, Ontario. He has worked in the online sector for over 6 years.

    During this time, he has covered content for websites including SEO content, Blot posts, Product Reviews, and a range of others.

    He currently writes content for numerous casino websites because he is passionate about sharing his knowledge with other new players. His passion for Online Casinos was ignited when he lost a significant amount of cash playing on an unlicensed website. This is because he did not understand how online casinos worked.

    Ever since, he was driven to fully understand everything about online casinos so other players won’t make the same mistake he did. He believes in gambling responsibly and when he is not writing about online casinos, he spends time travelling the world with his loved ones.