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Top and most complete sportsbooks & online casinos reviews. In-depth analysis, detailed comparisons, no compromises. Check which sports betting sites and online casinos we’ve reviewed so far.

What Do We Base Our Sportsbooks & Online Casinos Reviews On?

The authors of the reviews on our website are experts in sports betting and online casino games. Each of the studies prepared by them is based on independent, deep research with testing and concerns only legal entities in Ontario, Canada. Here’s what you’ll find in specific sportsbooks & online casinos reviews:

  1. Complete, compact overview

    At the very beginning, you will learn how we rate a given bookmaker/ casino. The components of the rating are factors such as sports coverage, odds quality, RTP, safety & fairness, user-experience.

    In this section, we also list the distinctive pros & cons, deposit & withdrawal methods and inform you with which types of platforms and operating systems each platform is compatible with.

  2. Legality in Ontario

    In our review pack you will find studies on sports betting sites and online casinos that are legal in Ontario.

    We approach this issue very seriously and responsibly. We want our readers to use only proven, legal online betting platforms. Click here to learn more on legality of sports betting in Ontario.

  3. Mode of operation and basic functionalities

    In this part you will read about the basic and distinctive features of the bookmaker under review. Here we list and describe all the functionalities that are worth paying attention to, that are worth using and that stand out from the competition.

    Here you can check how many sports you can bet at the bookmaker or online casino, how many online betting markets it supports, how much average commission it charges, etc.

  4. Users’ opinions

    Our experts closely follow the opinions of users. In this section of our reviews, we post some opinions found on the web, adding some comments to them. We post both positive and negative feedback.

    We want you to get to know two sides of the coin. In the end, it is up to you whether you decide to set up an account with a given bookmaker.

  5. Detailed analysis of the sports betting and casino section

    Crème de la crème, or pure sports betting review by Canada Legal Betting experts. It is, of course, about sports betting, and along with it, knowledge that may be useful when choosing a company with which you will ultimately decide to gamble with.

    In this section, we list the average margin odds for betting on specific sports and compare them with the competition data.

    You’ll find in-depth analysis betting opportunities on the most popular sports such as football, basketball, hockey, baseball, MMA, soccer and many more.

    The analysis ends with a summary, thanks to which in the maze of raw data you can quickly find the ones that interest you the most.

  6. Live betting & live streaming

    Although live betting has already made its way to bookmakers legally in Ontario for good, live streaming is not always going so well.

    In this section you will find out whether the reviewed bookmaker offers live betting and live streaming to what extent. You will also learn about the comparative analysis of the scope of sharing these functionalities on other platforms.

    Often, you will find a comment from our expert here, which will explain the more sensitive issues and show you how to use these options in the most effective way.

  7. Step-by-step guide on how to bet at the bookmaker’s site

    Our experts will guide you through the betting process and show you what to pay attention to and what to watch out for.

    The overview of the betting process has been presented on the basis of a specific examples. We want the guide to be even more useful and complete so that you can use it quickly whenever you need it.

  8. Online Casino Games

    If a given sportsbook offers online casino games, our review will also include them!

    In this section, you will find out what kind of casino games the platform offers. You will examine what RTP the most popular games have.

    Our experts have analyzed the casino sections providing you with the most important information regarding the minimum deposit, available payment methods and many other factors. Don’t forget to check them all.

  9. Payment methods availability

    We discuss the payment methods available very thoroughly in our reviews.

    In our lists you will find information on the availability of a given option in terms of deposits / withdrawals, minimum / maximum amounts, as well as the processing time of individual types of transactions.

    Our experts also made sure to provide you with detailed guides on how to deposit and withdraw funds from your account at the bookmaker.

  10. Usability, User Security & Customer Support

    Each bookmaker analyzed by our experts has been carefully screened in terms of the user safety mechanisms used.

    In the review you will find detailed information about the UX of the analyzed platform. We also publish a list of available options for contacting the platform’s customer support department. We also give our opinion on this so that your choice becomes even more aware.

At the end of each review, we provide a short section in which we summarize the most important things from the bookmaker analysis. You will also find a list of frequently asked questions there.

Do You Want More?

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