Pena vs Nunes 2 Odds For UFC 277 Rematch In Dallas

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Here we present the best Pena vs Nunes 2 Odds for the upcoming UFC 277 main event:


It is tricky to determine who will win this bout since both fighters are highly exceptional.

But ultimately Amanda Nunes remains one of the greatest female fighters to have graced the MMA throughout its history. She is a balanced attacker and has a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jutsu.

Nunes has clinched numerous UFC records, including the following:

  • The highest number of wins overall – 14
  • The highest number of wins in UFC title match-ups – 9
  • The highest number of first-round finishes – 14
  • Longest winning streak – 12
  • Most wins by knockout – 6
  • Most stoppage wins – 8

As you can see, she is a highly worthy contender and the only female fighter who has held two titles simultaneously.

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At the UFC 269, Julianna Pena landed an unexpected win over Amanda Nunes. Many people believed it was a lucky win considering her career. Fortunately, the women’s champion has a chance to prove nay-sayers wrong in an upcoming rematch announced by the UFC.

This rematch has been slated for Saturday, Jul 30 and will be the UFC 277 main event. It is slated to take place at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. All the action will be available on PPV for those interested.

Pena vs Nunes 2 Odds Analysis

This is definitely a match-up to watch out for. We will be looking into the Pena vs Nunes 2 odds for UFC 277 rematch in Dallas and what to expect. Before we go any further, let's look at some of the Pena vs Nunes odds of the upcoming fight in popular Ontario bookmakers:

Julianna Pena OddsAmanda Nunes OddsSportsbook
+240-300Bet On Bet365
+235-303Bet On Unibet
+240-303Bet On Bwin
+240-285Bet On DraftKings
+235-303Bet On LeoVegas
+240-303Bet On BetMGM
+235-305Bet On NorthStar Bets

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UFC 277 Julianna Pena vs Amanda Nunes Prediction

Pena is 11-4 in her career, with 5 wins from submission, three from knockouts, and the last three from decision wins.

Her previous two losses were due to defeats from submissions. As you can see, this is nowhere near Nunes’ impressive record. Before her losses in the UFC 269, she had not been defeated since 2014. Since Pena wrecked her impressive record, we expect her to be out for blood in this match-up.

Her major strength is her wealth of experience, which she garnered over the years. This is where Juliana Pena may find it challenging as she does not have as much experience as Nunes. Overall, we believe Nunes has a high chance of getting back her title in this match-up.

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Nunes vs Pena UFC 269 Fight

Pena shocked the world by defeating Nunes in the UFC 269 fight.

We believe that Nunes suffered defeat partially as a result of her over-confidence. It was an unexpected loss even for her. Here is a look at some of the Pena Vs Nunes highlights of the UFC 269 match-up.

The fight went as many people anticipated in the first round, with Nunes dominating it with cleaner and more brutal hits. However, Pena lured Nunes into a sloppy exchange of punches that wore her out quickly. This is as opposed to her typical strategy of waiting for an opening and effectively controlling the match as she did in the first round. 

However, when she got too confident, it was easy for Pena to wear her out and drag her to the ground to secure a rear-naked choke. This secured her the win at 3.26 of the second round via submission. Now, Pena is out to get back her title after a delay from her numerous knee injuries. 

This is why this rematch is so important. At one corner, we have Nunes, a defeated champion, out to get back her title. On the other hand, we have Pena, who wants to make it clear to the world that her last win was not a fluke and that she can do it again. Both parties have a lot to prove, and we can't wait to see the outcome of this rematch.  

Julianna Pena Stats

If you are using any of the Pena vs Nunes 2 odds, it will be important to note each player's stats before making a choice.

Here, we will look into Pena, including her records, so you know what to expect when you wager on the Julianna Pena Vs Amanda Nunes UFC 277 fight:

DOBAug 19, 1989
Height5' 6"
Weight135 lbs

Julianna Pena Style

Julianna Pena is a stylish fighter typically referred to as "The Venezuelan Vixen." She is the least of four children and was born and grew up in Spokane, Washington.

As a way to lose weight and find a good avenue for channelling aggression, she enrolled in a class for cardio kickboxing. However, she later moved to mixed martial arts

Julianna Pena Records, Failures And Achievements

In May 2009, Pena made her first debut in the MMA. Here, she won her first four fights before suffering her first loss in April 2012. This fight was after two months and a week of her recovery from a major accident.

Her most outstanding achievement has been winning the championship against Nunes via a rear-naked chock hold. This remains one of the most shocking outcomes in UFC history. Julia Pena currently has a record of 12-4-0, and we can only see this getting better in the future. 

Julianna Pena was also announced as one of the coaches on ESPN+ Ultimate Fighter 30, which is no easy feat. It will feature contestants from women's flyweight and heavyweight divisions.

Julianna Pena Net Worth

Pena is a vibrant lady with a lot of energy who is serious about proving her worth. We see her making it far in the UFC scene, considering she currently ranks number 3 in the UFC women's pound-for-pound rankings.

Based on estimates, Julianna Pena is worth approximately $500,000+.

Julianna Pena Odds for UFC 277 Main Event

OddsSportsbook MarginWhere To Bet?
+2403.43%Bet On DraftKings
+2404.60%Bet On BetMGM
+2404.60%Bet On Bwin

Many top Ontario sites are offering Pena vs Nunes 2 odds.

However, if you want to make the most out of your UFC Pena vs Nunes wager, the above are the most profitable options we found. DraftKings has the lowest margin out of all the options, and since Pena is the underdog, you stand to win $240 for every $100 you bet. 

The best part is that the sports margin, which is what DraftKings charges, is relatively low. 3.43% is a good deal, so you won't lose much money. If DraftKings is not your thing, you can still get a decent deal wagering on BetMGM and Bwin. 

Amanda Nunes Stats

If you are considering backing Amanda Nunes odds over Julia Pena odds on sportsbooks, you’ll need to first check out the stats of Amanda Nunes. We have covered it in detail below. 

DOBMay 30, 1988
Height5' 8"
Weight135 lbs

Amanda Nunes Style

Amanda Nunes is a Brazilian MMA fighter dubbed the greatest female MMA fighter of all time.

She ranks number 1 in the UFC women's bantamweight rankings and number 2 in the UFC pound-for-pound rankings. She is dubbed the Lioness because of her skill in the ring and powerful strikes

Julianna Pena Record, Failures and Achievement 

Amanda began her journey into martial arts at age 5, when she enrolled in Capoeira classes. She started learning Karate at 7, and at 16, she moved to Brazilian Jui Jutsu.

In 2009, she clinched a gold medal in the World Jui-Jitsu Championship and in 2007, she began training for MMA.

She lost her first professional match in 2008, at the prime MM Championship 2, via a submission. However, after that, she went on a streak of 6 wins before she signed up with Strikeforce. 

She left Strikeforce with a record of 1-1 to Invicta FC, where she also had a record of 1-1. Then she headed to the UFC with a professional record of 7-3.

Amanda Nunes's next fight was her debut at UFC 163, against Sheila Gaff, which she won through TKO.

However, she lost at UFC 178 via submission before coming back to land a winning streak. Amanda Nunes's win streak was a three-fight win which got her a shot at the Bantamweight title. 

Amanda Nunes claimed the title after defeating Miesha Tate, the then title holder and became the next champion. She defended her titles against many prominent fighters and extended her win streak to 12.

This was not until Amanda Nunes fought with Pena that she lost. Amanda Nunes's record currently stands at 21-4-0, which is quite impressive. 

Amanda Nunes Net Worth 

Amanda Nunes was said to have a net worth of approximately $4 million as of 2021. We expect to see this increase significantly this year, especially if she gets back her title. 

Amanda Nunes Odds for UFC 277 Main Event

Amanda Nunes is still the favourite on many sportsbooks, even with her shocking loss against Pena. Here are some sportsbooks with the best Pena Nunes 2 odds.

OddsSportsbook MarginWhere To Bet?
-2853.43%Bet On DraftKings
-3034.60%Bet On BetMGM
-3034.60%Bet On Bwin

The above are the best platforms that give you the best returns when you wager on Amanda Nunes.

As we mentioned earlier, she is the favourite, and betting on DraftKings gives you the best returns. Here, you bet $285 to win $100, and the sportsbook margin is 3.43%, which is fair.

Bwin and BetMGM sportsbooks also offer you great options, even though they are slightly higher than DraftKings. On these platforms, you'll need to wager $303 to win $100 if your bet is a winner. 

UFC 277 Fight Card & Odds

The UFC 277 won't be centred around the match-up between Pena and Nunes. You can wager many other amazing matches, especially if you are using Bet365 Ontario. Here is a look at the popular ones. 

Brandon Moreno vs Kai Kara France

Brandon Moreno and Kai Kara France will have a go at it on Jul 30 for the Interim flyweight title.

Moreno is the ex-champion and has a record of 24-9 in the MMA and 7-2 in the UFC. On the other hand, Kara has a 19-5-2 record in the MMA and 7 -2-2 in the UFC.

This is not the first time these fighters will have a match-up, as Kara-France lost their first match in 2019. The result was via a unanimous decision.

However, Kara has since gone on a winning streak of 4-1, which has given him another shot for the title. Moreno is not taking Kara lightly based on statements he made that he viewed Kara as a threat.

This rematch will be a great decider of who the stronger fighter is once and for all. Moreno is the favourite in most sportsbooks, while Kai Kara remains the underdog.

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Here's a look at some of the odds you'll find for this match.

Brandon Moreno OddsKai Kara France OddsWhere To Bet?
-225+187Bet On Bet365
-227+179Bet On Bwin
-215+185Bet On DraftKings

However, that's not all …

Derrick Lewis vs Sergei Pavlovich 

Another interesting match-up slated for UFC 277 is between Derrick Lewis, dubbed the black beast and Sergei Pavlovich.

Derrick Lewis has a record of 26-9-0 and has recently suffered some setbacks. On Feb 12 2022, he lost to Tai Tuivasa via a KO. He also lost to Cyril Game in August 2021 during the UFC 265 heavyweight championship. Regardless of these, he is still ranked 5th in the UFC heavyweight.

However, Sergei Pavlovich seems to be doing pretty well and is constantly in the lead.

He won his last three matches through KOs in the first round. He also dominated and won his match-up against Shamil Abdurakhimov on Mar 19, 2022.

This seems like a tough match-up since all indications show that Shamil Abdurakhimov may be the winner. Nonetheless, Derrick Lewis is still the favourite on most bookmakers, while Shamil Abdurakhimov is the underdog.

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Here are a few of the best odds for this match-up.

Derrick Lewis OddsShamil Abdurakhimov OddsWhere To Bet?
-138+110Bet On Bet365
-140+125Bet On Bwin
-147+114Bet On Unibet

Make the right decision!

Best UFC 277 Betting Odds

As you can see, there is not only Pena vs Nunes 2 odds for UFC 277 rematch In Dallas that is worth to know. If you are in search of the best UFC 277 betting odds, here are the top options you can check out:

FightOddsWhere To Bet?
Pena vs Nunes+240 -285Bet On DraftKings
Lewis vs Abdurakhimov-138 +110Bet On Bet365
Moreno vs Kara-France-215 + 185Bet On DraftKings

Don't forget to let us know in the comments if you won!

Where To Watch UFC 277?

Most fights on the UFC 277 are pay-per-view fights, and as such, you may not be able to find the Pena vs Nunes stream on most online sportsbooks legal in Ontario. However, you can watch the event on ESPN+ PPV on Jul 30 by 10 pm ET


If you are like many other UFC fans, you surely cant wait to begin betting on the UFC 277 main card. We have provided you with all the odds and the best bookies in Ontario to find them. 

Which sportsbook offers the best Pena vs Nunes 2 odds? Based on our research, DratKings offers the best Julianna Pena and Amanda Nunes at +240 and -285. The sports margin is also decent at 3.43%.

Nonetheless, you can pick one of our other recommended options, register, make a selection, and wait for the outcome. We will update you on the event’s results when it holds, along with the analysis.


The odds for Pena ss Nunes vary depending on the sportsbook. However, Pena is taking up the role of the Underdog, while Nunes is the favourite on most Ontario sportsbooks.

You can bet on numerous sportsbooks, including Bet365, Unibet, Draftkings, BetMGM, and LeoVegas. However, we recommend you use DraftKings as it offers the best odds on this event.

Our Julianna Pena vs Amanda Nunes prediction is that Nunes will win, considering she is the more experienced fighter.

The fighter to bet on is dependent on you. However, based on our Pena vs Nunes prediction, you stand a better chance of winning betting on Nunes.

Many bettors, including Cris Cyborg, have revealed that they bet on Pena to win the UFC 269 title match.

Pena was a 10-1 underdog in her first fight against Nunes. This is why Nunes’s loss came as a shocking surprise to many fans.