Can Novelty Betting Make You Rich?

Novelty betting is just as any other kind of online betting activities. What’s more, non-sports are growing rapidly. In case of novelty bets, many people are interested in it because they see them as a way to make money, as entertainment, or as a way to enjoy an event more.

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What Is Novelty Betting?

In a nutshell, novelty betting, also called a special market, exists as a bet which is not sport-related but it’s carried out across the world.

In addition, it is the kind of bet which gives a chance for entertainment to those individuals who don’t watch sports to enjoy their events with extra enthusiasm.

The examples of entertainment in novelty betting covers include:

  • TV shows
  • movies
  • politics
  • etc.

Many people have preferred novelty bets to others. This is because novelty betting is concerned with the winner of the event.

It could be played on the best Ontario online casinos that offer you a chance to place these bets. What's more, you can place novelty bets on elections, Oscars ceremony, music billboard charts, contests, movie opening weekends, and even reality TV shows.

Note, that novelty bets aren’t offered by all online gambling platforms. It is a good idea to check out (from time to time) if there is something worth your attention.

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In playing novelty betting, there are no precise tips on how you should bet. However, you can obey what expert analysts say when betting on politics. You also can obey the latest views and likes on certain songs that seem popular in a song contest.

Pros And Cons Of Novelty Betting 


  • There is more entertainment value in the sense that you can bet on shows and movies you enjoy. 
  • It gives you a break from regular sports betting. 
  • If it is a subject that you are knowledgeable in, it is simpler to spot good opportunities. 


  • It plays with High Margin / Increased Juice.
  • The betting sites do not offer many promo events for novelty bets.

Can Novelty Betting Make You Rich?

Remember that neither special bets nor regular sports bets are guaranteed to win. Anyway, there are quite a lot people who managed to get enormous profits from gambling.

Note though, that gambling is the result of luck, an in-depth analysis of the conditions of the bet and the ability to realistically assess your chances of success.

Never bet more money than you could afford to lose without compromising your budget.

If you notice any signs of addiction, see our responsible gambling in Ontario guide.

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How Do Special Bets Works?

Special bets comprise prices on the number of bookings that will be available in a televised match. These are greatly regarded as one of the funny bets that are exclusive to online gambling.

Examples are soccer special bets; here, a player will score the first goal in a game. 

Bookmakers and betting sites give odds for every player included, so you can select any player of your choice, even defenders. If your selected player gets the first goal, you win. The final result is not considered, or how many other goals are scored. What matters is who scored the first goal. 

As the name implies, you have to pick which side you think will score the first goal. We win the bet if we select the right team. If we don't, we lose our bet. It's very simple. 

We have another example of a very popular special bet. It is the ability to bet on corners, throw-ins, and also with some bookmaker's most yellow cards.

If you want to learn more on this type of special event betting in sports, check out our expert guide on what is a prop bet.

Moreover, special bets involve various long-term or ante-post bets. These comprise transfer and managerial specials, where the punter can bet on a specific player to move to a new team.

Novelty Is Much More Than Sports

Special bets don't stop with soccer or sport in general.

There are various competitions to bet on, like political betting, television betting, and WWE betting. This offers a form of gambling that you wouldn't typically expect, and should you be knowledgeable in these areas, it would give a great avenue for making a profit.

In special bets, win and place are applicable. There are many competitions like Big Brother or Love Island where knockout or bake-offs are implemented. This special bet offers decent values. 

Its categories are two, namely political events and movies / TV shows:

  1.  In political events, the players are allowed to predict the next president of the U.S. by novelty betting. The good example on it you may find at OLG's Proline+:

    novelty betting presidential election 2024
  2. Another fun example is T.V. shows. How to bet on T.V. shows is where a player will predict who will sit on the Iron Throne at the end when it comes to Game of Thrones. Another example of TV shows is The Voice, American Idol, etc.

Yes. Novelty betting is legal in Ontario, but not every online casino / sportsbook includes it in the offer.

It’s quite a lot of time since Ontario has been waiting for novelty betting to come.

Yet in 2017 The Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has been searching for a company to help expand its online and mobile sports betting capacity.

The petition for proposals also unlocked the door for other, further off-beat gambling type, like novelty betting and gambling on eSports – video game contests.

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In Ontario, many years back, eSports and betting on it has risen in popularity. Novelty betting is placing a bet on a conclusion that's not part of a sports or athletic event. For example, the champion or winner of an election or the gender of a baby about to be born to royalty. 

OLG sports offering contains new products that give more betting options on a broader variety of events, which includes all major North American sports leagues and major international sports.

Ontario Finance Minister Charles Sousa explained in 2017 that the government supported OLG's online expansion but strengthened that it must continue to prioritize responsible gaming. The situation is that several online (gambling) activity happens that has been unregulated, and many people were exposed, especially young kids.

Best TV Shows And Novelty Betting Sites In Ontario 

To boost the passion or fun, you experience when watching the drama unfold on TV, betting on novelty and entertainment markets is a perfect way. Although, it could be difficult to segregate trustworthy sites from dishonest operators. 

The key novelty and TV betting options that you can enjoy are tabulated as follows: 

Betting SiteDeposit LimitWithdrawal Limit
Proline+min. C$15N/A
888SportN/Amin. C$20
Royal Pandamin. C$10 - max. C$50,000min. C$10 - max. C$50,000
Caesarsmin. C$5 - max. C$99,000min. C$10

The Funniest Novelty Bets Ever Made

Now, let's have some fun and see some of the most unusual and funny bets from William Hill. In 1998, this was the first bookmaker to accept wagers through the Internet, and their online betting platform is among the top ones in the market.

  1. In April 1964, David Threlfall positioned a £10 bet at odds of 1000/1 that a human would walk on any planet or heavenly body before January 1970.

    This was the first officially noted ‘space’ bet, and the bet amount was equal to the average weekly wage around that time, worth over £170 today.

    Neil Armstrong obliged on 21st July 1969, and Threlfall was £10,000 richer. William Hill paid over £50,000 on this event, around £860,000 today.

  2. Ciara Parkes may win £125,000 after the King’s next comeback. This is nearly 40 years past his ‘death.’ This win is a result of a £250 bet at 500/1 in the mid-1990s.

    A Glaswegian postman won a bet of 20,000,000/1 that said Elvis would crash a U.F.O. into Loch Ness, hurting the legendary monster said to inhabit its depths.

  3. Betting on the outcome of T.V. shows was first introduced by William Hill in 1980 when they enabled players to wager on ‘Who shot J.R.?’ in the famous American soap, ‘Dallas.’

  4. Lord Sutch, Monster Raving Loony Party’s late leader, stood to make the biggest betting shop payout of all time at £15,000,000 from a £1 wager with Hill that he would one day become British Prime Minister.

  5. The famous mountaineer Chris Bonnington, made a bet with Hill saying he would get proof that the ‘Yeti’ existed by going on a Himalayan expedition.

    This was in 1988. Following his arrival from the trip, he claimed he had the required evidence until the Department of Agriculture confiscated and burned it.

  6. John Richardson made a novelty bet with William Hill saying that by the year 2040, he would father a child. This bet was made in 1995 when he was 55 years old.

  7. Fred Craggs won an eight-horse accumulator in 2008,, triggering Hill’s maximum horse racing payout clause of £1,000,000.

  8. During the 2010 World Cup, a bizarre proposition bet was included. Odds of 7/2 were placed for on any England player that would repeat Paul Gascoigne’s 1990 watershed moment by crying on camera at any time during the tournament.

  9. The effect of Hill treatment entered into the Euro 2012. This time Hill bet 4/1 that the currency Euro would plummet before the tournament closes. This caused a lot of concerns with many looking to Greece to keep a balance during the contest.

  10. Chris Brooker cashed in odds of 6/1. That was in mid-2013. The odds were to return £700 that his romance with a fellow student would outlast the duration of their university studies together.


There is no doubt that it is possible to win a lot of money on novelty bets.

But remember, they’re no real way to get rich quick quickly. If it were that simple, we’d see many more millionaires in the world.

Even as that, we’re seeing more and more stories of people who have made an enormous amount of money from betting, especially with the rise of online gambling.


According to the experts, the weirdest thing you can bet on is the betting on the dead.

It is in Paddy Power because it is the market leader in novelty betting. And has put its irreverent spin on its markets.

Novelty bets are those bets which involve betting on events that have almost nothing to do with sports.

We have Big Brother, Sistas, Hit the Floor, College Hill, etc. These are the tv shows you can bet on.

Theres are different payment methods in novelty betting. They are PayPal, Bank transfer, Neteller, credit and debit card, Paysafecard, ecoPayz, etc.