Daily Fantasy Ontario Guide

Many readers have been making research on the daily fantasy Ontario guide. Good news is that you are on the right page. Before the end of the article, you will learn how fantasy sports betting works, what are the most efficient strategies in this field and much more.

What Is Daily Fantasy Sports?

Daily Fantasy Sports, written in short form as DFS, are varieties of sports formed out from fantasy sports games where competitions are carried out in a matter of days or hours rather than over a whole season.

It is the action-packed fork of fantasy sports. Examples: soccer, hockey, DraftKings, basketball, NASCAR, baseball, and many more.

The main concept after fantasy sports is based on the following factors:

what is daily fantasy

As we show in this daily fantasy Ontario guide, fantasy contests are divided into two vast classifications: cash games and tournaments:

A cash game is a game with no actual end time in which players come in and leave at any time, while tournament is a contest held among various teams in a particular sport by a fixed schedule where a champion is agreed upon.

Daily Fantasy Sports Pros And Cons

Here are some main advantages & disadvantages of playing fantasy sports:


  • It is enjoyable, i.e. it is fun-filled
  • It's legal
  • You can win real money
  • It's a great alternative to online poker
  • It does not consume time
  • It makes the games more interesting
  • You can deposit & withdraw easily
  • There's a wide variety of sports to join 


  • It involves lots of competition 
  • The payments aren't consistent 
  • The field is huge
  • Two daily fantasy apps control 95% of market share
  • It consumes more capital
  • No DFS site has turned a profit
  • DFS is only going to be more competitive 

Daily fantasy sports normally select players while staying under the salary cap. The competition only runs for a particular day or week. 

The characteristics of DFS remain as follows:

  1. The DFS has an intelligent backend/admins

    The intelligence of DFS backends or admins can never be overemphasized.

    When talking about backend procedures, we mean procedures that guide the platforms’ owners to make a knowledgeable decision.

    The work of a backend is to have the ability to not only current but analyze the data and give suggestions to the admin. For instance, you need an admin panel that informs you daily on the type of games users are enthusiastic about playing.

    Having done that, you can use such data to organize more such games to fill your lobby. The Admin dashboard assists the backend with the data & stats that you should be aware of to run a successful fantasy sports business.

  2. The DFS has referral systems

    Some fantasy sports users crave referrals; that is why many individuals are on it. Referral wraps a bit of affiliate marketing. Referral enables users to get extra points when another new person joins using their referral code.

  3. Everyone is involved in the contest

    The DFS doesn’t discriminate. The contest is for all. It creates room to specify and categorize amateur, mid-level, and Pro users of fantasy sports software.

    After categorization, assigned games can be organized for them to play, which should be displayed on the player’s profile, how many games he has played, and which category the player belongs to.

  4. It has achievement badges

    Users likely return to platforms when they have a badge assigned to their profile.

    So one of the characteristics of DFS is achievement badges which enable user retainment on your fantasy sports platform.

    Daily fantasy sports occur in different major and minor sports which rely on service, comprising but not limited to American football (college and the NFL), association football (soccer), auto racing, baseball, basketball, cricket, golf, ice hockey, rugby, horse racing, and sumo wrestling.

Yes, daily fantasy is legal. However, main companies like DraftKings and FanDuel halted regional undertakings ahead of online sports.

The situation in daily fantasy Ontario is that the paid fantasy sports have recently quit proposing new contests in Ontario in connection with the April 4 launch of the province’s new internet-gambling market

Ironically, for a long time parlays were the only legal bets permitted in Ontario. But the Canadian Criminal Code in August 2021, was revised to allow single-event wagering.

Where Is Daily Fantasy Sports Allowed?

As we were able to determine in the course of work on this daily fantasy Ontario guide, the residents of this province can play DFS. They can also play DFS with FanDuel outside the region and in U.S. states where it's legal.

Many offshore sportsbook operators are functional to Canadians with no legal issues. However, there are places in Canada where the residents cannot play DFS, especially FanDuel. 

Some conditions must be met before DFS is used in Canada/Ontario. They are: 

  • Understand the contest type 
  • Know the contest style
  • Know format
  • Get a wider market

How Does Daily Fantasy Betting Work?

Fantasy betting is assembling a fantasy team of real athletes who you then compete against other players in contests.

Your team would pick up points based on the real-life accomplishment of your chosen players, and if you earn more points than the other competitors, you could win a cash prize.

Now, let's take an in-depth look at the matter...

Some entry fees exist to take part in Ontario daily fantasy sports contests. These fees are added to the pot you'll be hoping to win at the end of the contest or competition.

Daily fantasy sports encompass various competitions where players compete against other participants to score the highest number of points and finish 'in the money.

fantasy football players in action

In addition, competitors are expected to choose a specified number of athletes from a certain game or group of games taking place within a predefined period.

These players will score points according to their performance during the game. 

For instance, if you're competing in a game of basketball daily fantasy, you might be expected to choose eight players from two identified games.

To make things more difficult, you will usually be given a salary cap that you have to work with. Different players will cost different amounts to draft, which means you won't be able to simply choose the best players from each team. 

The athletes you select will score points based on the number of shots, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, and turnovers they make.

At the end of the game, the number of points you score will be compared to the number of others in your league scoring. You will win the main cash prize if you score the most points. 

Creating DFS Teams And Scoring Analysis

Even though I'm a huge hockey fan, football is my best fantasy sport because the various positions, stats, and match-ups allow for a much more in-depth strategy.

Take a look at below daily fantasy Ontario detailed step-by step guide to learn basic factors of succesfull betting:

Selecting Players 

A DFS football team comprises one quarterback, two running backs, three wide receivers, one tight end, one flex (RB/WR/TE), and one defence. You form your team against the salary cap, typically $50k.


The concept of fantasy football is to complete the day or week with more points than your competition. For this reason, you must know the scoring structure to best pick players who will produce for your team.

Offensive Players

They are as follows: 

Rushing yards0.1 points
Rushing touchdowns6 points
100+ yard rushing game3 points
Passing yards0.04 points
Passing touchdowns4 points
300+ yard passing game3 points
Interceptions-1 point
Receiving yards0.1 points
Receiving touchdowns6 points
Receptions1 point
100+ yard receiving game3 points
Kickoff return touchdowns6 points
Punt return touchdowns6 points
Fumbles lost-1 points
Fumbles recovered touchdowns6 points
Two-point conversions2 points (rushing, receiving or passing)

Defence Players

They are:

Defence sacks1 point
Fumble recoveries2 points
Touchdowns6 points
Safeties2 points
Blocked kicks2 points
Interceptions2 points
0 points allowed10 points
1-6 points allowed7 points
7-13 points allowed4 points
14-20 points allowed1 point
28-34 points allowed-1 point
35+ points allowed-4 points

There are different daily fantasy strategies. They are:

  1. Pick three-game stacks, and play both quarter backs from your game stacks, resulting in 6 Q.B.s for your player pool
  2. Keep a tight right back pool
  3. Expand your wide receivers
  4. Keep a small tight end pool
  5. Limit your defense and special teams (DST)
  6. Learn not to play any offensive players against your DSTs

Where To Play DFS?

The following are the best daily DFS sites available for Canadians. Note, that only DraftKings and Fanduel acquired a license from iGO/ AGCO to operate in Ontario as legal sports betting sites:

  • DraftKings
  • FanDuel
  • Monkey Knife Fight
  • PrizePicks
  • SuperDraft
  • ParlayPlay
  • Underdog Fantasy
  • ThriveFantasy
  • Betcha
  • Drafters
  • StatHero 

The new participants from Ontario can register at DraftKings U.S. You don't need to use any referral codes. That matches 100% of your first deposit, plus an additional $25 in betting credits with your first deposit.

FanDuel Group is an American gambling company that gives sportsbooks, daily fantasy sports, online casinos, and horse race betting products. It was founded in July 2009.

The headquarters of FanDuel is in New York City, United States. As long as you live in Ontario, you can use FanDuel to play DFS in Canada, the same as its competitor. 

Fanduel And DraftKings DFS Comparison

It has unique contests. This platform offer tournaments of all sizes with guaranteed payouts.Satellite contests are extremely neat. These are little fantasy games with low entry fees. 
On the late swap in FanDuel, your roster is locked in as soon as the first games that are being counted for your competition begin.DraftKings lies in the deadline for swapping players. DraftKings grants a late swap, so you can switch out one player at a time from your lineup right up until the game featuring the player begins.
FanDuel includes no statistics at all, so you have to look elsewhere like its oddsFire service to identify how to place your bets.DraftKings sportsbook includes gambling-specific statistics about individual teams and player.
It is affordable. It is expensive. 
Read FanDuel Ontario GuideRead DraftKings Ontario Guide

Things To Remember When Playing Fantasy Sports

The fantasy sports take the season-long format and break it down into weekly and even daily segments.

The thrill of it does not have to be drawn out for a full season for your chosen sport. With daily fantasy sports, fans and enthusiasts can place their interest in fantasy sports and their knowledge of the game, place their bet, and compete against other fantasy sports lovers to win cash.

Besides the enjoyment of drafting your exact choice of players you want and seeing how everything unfolds, you can earn money along the way.

Daily fantasy sports sites permit you to enter several contests against die-hard players like you, who you can compete with for a shot at the real cold, hard cash.


We hope this daily fantasy ontario guide met your expectations.

To sum up, fantasy sports is one of the best games ever. As I earlier hinted in this daily fantasy ontario guide, DFS are varieties of sports formed out of fantasy sports games where competitions are carried out in a matter of days or hours rather than over a whole season.

It is the action-packed fork of fantasy sports. Examples: soccer, hockey, DraftKings, basketball, NASCAR, baseball, and many more. There are many ways to play the DFS which you should obey, especially in Canada.


The approximate number of fantasy sports players in the United States last years was 45.9 million.

Of all these players, surprisingly or not, 78% of fantasy players play fantasy football. That means that fantasy football is the most popular fantasy sports game in the USA.

It is based on picking teams of players from the respective league and gaining points based which are based off their real-life performances.

The points you earn determine winners and losers, whether that day, week or season.

  • Select a Contest. Explore the lobby to choose from a wide range of contests across different sports
  • Draft a Lineup. Once decided on a contest, next, you’ll want to draft a lineup of real players competing in the chosen games
  • Sweat the Sweat
  • Check results, etc.
  • Load up on R.B.s.
  • Study Depth Charts.
  • Wait on Drafting a Q.B.
  • Wait on Drafting a T.E.
  • Stray away from the Consensus.
  • Backup plan for everything.
  • Don’t buy the recent player bias.
  • Popular players don’t always perform.